Tfue explains why he and Corinna Kopf have broken up again

Published: 2/Feb/2020 17:15

by Connor Bennett


Star Twitch streamer Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney has revealed that he and ex-girlfriend Corinna Kopf have broken up for a second time, explaining that one of the reasons behind the split came through their living situation.

Back in December of 2018, rumors swirled that Tfue and Corinna Kopf had gotten together as a couple after a Twitch streamer claimed to have seen them at a party together. After the internet did some digging, it seemed pretty clear that they were – with the pair going public with their relationship in March of 2019.

However, after creating content together both on YouTube and Twitch, and even revealing some pretty intimate secrets about their relationship, the pair split for the first time in July before getting back together not long after.

Corinna Kopf - InstagramThe popular couple shared plenty of their hijinx with their fans.

Yet, with the couple flying solo for the past few weeks, fans had been looking for an answer as to if they’d split up again. During his February 1 stream, Tfue confirmed the news – explaining why they’d decided to go their separate ways once again.

“I mean, yeah, me and Corinna are broken up but we’re still friends,” Tfue told his stream viewers before explaining why that he had been the case. “I just don’t want to live in LA and she doesn’t want to live in Florida.

“She tried to live with me but you know, you can’t just move somewhere and it be ok – you’re leaving all your friends, you don’t have any friends. I mean, I have friends in LA but it’s different.”

The bad news confirmed what some fans of the couple may have been thinking already. Both Tfue and Corinna had been pretty cryptic about things on Twitter.

On January 27, Kopf dropped a solo broken heart emoji – as she did the last time they broke up – before Tfue claimed it was feeling weird to be single on January 31.

As already mentioned, the pair didn’t stay apart for all that long the time and some fans will be hoping that it’s a similar case this time around.

Either way, though, plenty of fans will be able to rest easy in the knowledge that they are at least still good friends, even if they aren’t romantically involved.


TikToker Tony Lopez hits back at claims he cheated on Sarah-Jade Bleau

Published: 1/Dec/2020 18:12

by Alice Hearing


TikToker Tony Lopez has lashed out at claims he cheated on girlfriend Sarah-Jade Bleau after a smaller creator revealed screenshots of their private conversations.

Over the last few months, Tony Lopez has been accused multiple times of grooming underage fans on Snapchat, and the incidents were even referenced in Larray’s diss track, ‘Canceled.’

Despite these brewing accusations, on Sunday, November 30, Tony and Sarah-Jade Bleau revealed they were dating in both a flirtatious TikTok and a series of pictures on Instagram.

The pair took part in the trend where creators attempt to jump backward and get caught in another person’s arms, but instead, Sarah-Jade surprised Tony with a kiss in time to the song. Sarah-Jade also posted a picture of her and Tony cuddling up together with the caption “couple of besties” – the new term for dating, but not quite official.

Tony Lopez and Sarah Bleau confirms they are dating
Instagram: Sarah-Jade Bleau
Tony and Sarah-Jade revealed they were dating on November 29

But shortly after the announcement, TikToker Ava Louise posted a video showing a number of messages from Tony to her at the beginning of November. She captioned the video, “Wait, you have a whole GF and you were in my DMs on November 5 at 2:45am?”

@realavalouiiseWait wait wait wait wait you have a whole GF and u were in my DMs on nov 5th at 2:45 am??♬ Therefore I Am – Billie Eilish

The video was promptly posted to the TikTokroom Instagram account after receiving thousands of views on its original platform, where it was brought to Tony’s attention.

The TikTok dancer was quick to deny the implications of the video and commented on the Instagram account, firing insults at Ava Louise herself.

He wrote, “All I asked was how were you? Lol Nah enough of this clout chasing bullsh**. You hit me up first, thanking me for dancing to your song, plus we never flirted lol. Get a life.”

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While in a separate comment he added, “Dragging s**t for attention because you know using my name will get you like,” and, “Didn’t you lick an airplane toilet seat? Lol next.”

So far, some fans appear to be rallying around his comments, which have racked up thousands of likes, although failing to drown out many more negative reactions on both Instagram and TikTok.