Tfue cries with laughter as xQc smashes desk in Fortnite rage - Dexerto

Tfue cries with laughter as xQc smashes desk in Fortnite rage

Published: 20/Apr/2019 10:28

by Joe Craven


Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney and popular streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel teamed up for some Fortnite Battle Royale duos, and it’s fair to say the FaZe Clan star was less than impressed. 

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Since his release from professional Overwatch team Dallas Fuel in March 2018, xQc has enjoyed a massive growth in his popularity, playing a variety of games on his Twitch channel. He has recently entertained his 1.1 million followers by combining his eccentric behaviour with the wildly popular third person battle royale, even drawing comparisons with the ‘Old Ninja’.

After getting into Fortnite, he and professional player Tfue paired up on April 19 in for some Arena duos, and the combination of Tfue’s skill and xQc’s unconventionality proved an entertaining mix.


Twitch: TfueTfue couldn’t help but laugh as he watched xQc struggle.
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What happened when xQc and Tfue played Fortnite Battle Royale together?

Despite xQc having been critical of competitive Fortnite in the past, he and Tfue dropped into some arena duos while playing together. Among the many games they shared, Tfue couldn’t help but completely lose it while spectating the struggling Canadian.

Lengyel is pushed by an opponent, who quickly edits their staircase and drops down on the ex-Overwatch pro. He seemingly panics, swings his pick-axe a few times, and backs helplessly round a corner before being eliminated.

“This fucking keyboard piece of shit!” rages xQc, before being heard smashing his desk. In response, Tfue can be seen literally falling off his chair laughing.


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Despite his struggles, the two managed to win a game together, as Tfue clutched up with 16 eliminations, in a 19 kill duo win. xQc can be seen looking impressed as Tfue finishes the game solo, before screaming “victory royale” and “let’s fucking go, actually poggers.”

As he entertains a huge audience collaborating with one of the best players, it’s fair to say that xQc’s popularity is showing no signs of slowing down.

Tfue, on the other hand, looks as impressive as ever on Fortnite Battle Royale, as he grinds for the World Cup Online Opens, which offer a $1 million prize pool each week.