Tfue brutally roasts his own viewer’s “trash” Fortnite skills

freepik / Tfue Twitch

Fortnite match, after the fan “let” the pro player kill them with some terrible accuracy.

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Tfue has built up a massive audience of supporters due to his incredible mechanical skill on the popular battle royale game and from his time on FaZe Clan, which came to a bitter end with Tenney suing the organization for having him in an “oppressive contract.”

However, it appears that not all of the former FaZe member’s audience has learned from watching his game play, as when a viewer caught him in a tough position during a game of Fortnite, he was unable to finish the kill, resulting in Tfue roasting his him on stream.

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YOUTUBE;TFUEThe popular Twitch streamer left FaZe Clan on bad terms.
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During a game of Arena Mode, Tfue found himself in a build battle where his enemy had placed a roof above him, which would allow only the viewer to edit it when he was ready to fight.

The streamer immediately tried to break the roof, knowing that his opponent had the upper hand, saying, ”and i’m dead,” however, the viewer recognized this as the opportunity to attack Tfue while he had his pickaxe out

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Despite the disadvantage, Tfue managed to react quickly and turn things around, instantly roasting the player for not being able to finish the kill, exclaiming, “You’re so dogshit, how do you let me kill you?”

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Tfue was aware the enemy was viewing his stream and continued to pile on the insults, adding, “You’re so bad, I’m honestly sad that you’re one of my viewers, because I thought I would teach you to play the game a little bit better than that, buddy.”

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His frustration perhaps came from his previous experience of being targeted in game by ‘stream snipers, such as when he called out other pro players during duo scrims with cloak.

It was unclear if the viewer was actually a stream sniper or not, although Tfue’s comments were quite harsh, it is understandable how frustrating it can be for streamers.

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