Taylor Swift fan goes viral after getting a response from her over Joe Alwyn break-up

Taylor Swift fan goes viral after getting a response from her over Joe Alwyn break-upTikTok: @imgiggly

The rumors that Taylor Swift and her longtime boyfriend Joe Alwyn have broken up caused loyal fans to become increasingly worried. One fan went as far as bringing in a sign asking “you ok” to a recent Taylor Swift concert, the singer’s reaction to it caused the interaction to go viral.

As reported by Entertainment Tonight, singer/songwriter Taylor Swift has allegedly broken up with her partner Joe Alwyn, the break up was supposedly “amicable.”

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Fans of Swift became worried as the news surfaced in the middle of her Era’s Tour, combined with the fact that the pair broke off after multiple years of being together.

One such Taylor Swift fan brought a sign to her April 15 show in Tampa with “You OK?” written on it. When the singer made eye contact with the fan sitting close to the stage, they held it high above their head, when Swift noticed the sign she gave them a thumbs-up.

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Taylor Swift fan goes viral after asking the singer: “You OK?”

One TikTok user posted a video, including the text “I don’t think I’ll ever get over the fact someone held up a sign “you ok?” And Taylor responded with a [thumbs-up emoji].”

The TikTok by the user imgiggly has 1,3 million views at the time of writing and garnered a variety of responses in the comment section. While the practice of holding up signs at concerts is frowned upon, the comment section was full of comments stating that this is the one time that it was okay to do.

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“Signs aren’t cool at Taylor’s shows but mad respect to them for immediately lowering it when she responded,” wrote one user. With another stating: “The only time holding up a sign was fine.”

Others were just happy to get any kind of comment from Taylor herself, even if it was a simple thumbs-up gesture.

“This is so cute because be honest we’re all a little worried. Our girl has a lot going on at the moment,” stated one fan.

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