Tana Mongeau reveals how breakup with Jake Paul actually happened

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YouTube stars Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul put an end to their fast-paced relationship after six months of marriage — but there was more to their breakup than their Instagram posts would have fans believe.

After a $500,000 Las Vegas wedding, a tumultuous honeymoon, and six months of drama-filled marriage, Paul and Mongeau called it quits, claiming that they still had love for each other despite of their split.

After she uploaded an emotional video prior to their breakup explaining that she was unhappy with their relationship, Tana delved even further into the specifics of their separation in a March 9 episode of her MTV reality series, “No Filter.”

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Tana Mongeau, Instagram
YouTubers Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau got married after just a short time dating, prompting speculation that their marriage was merely a stunt for views.

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According to the star, she felt that her marriage with Jake was strained due to being intertwined with their careers, and felt that her hubby didn’t have time for her due to his strict boxing schedule.

“There’s so much drama surrounding Jake’s life that’s so draining after a long time,” Mongeau said in a conversation with her manager.

“…my relationship is my business life, which sucks. My friendships are my business life.”

Jake Paul, Instagram
Mongeau cited Jake’s intense training camp at Big Bear as a large part of their breakup, claiming that she no longer felt like she knew her now ex-husband.

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That’s not all: she later revealed that she felt Jake had become an entirely different person after their wedding in a separate conversation with her close friend.

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“Jake’s in a very different place in life than he was when I fell for him, and I feel like he just doesn’t have time for me anymore,” she admitted.

“…I feel like Jake has been slowly, from the moment I met him, transforming into a different person. But now it’s like, I’m sitting here eight months in, like, I don’t even fu**ing know you anymore.”

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Tana also explained that she made an impromptu trip to Big Bear to speak with Jake about the status of their relationship — a conversation that manager Jordan called “heated,” which ultimately resulted in their breakup.

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While she wasn’t happy with Jake claiming that he “fell out of love” with her and had instead fallen for the sport of boxing, the two appear to boast a close friendship again in wake of a breakup that rocked the social media world.