Tana Mongeau explains how she nearly got sued for $1 million over video - Dexerto

Tana Mongeau explains how she nearly got sued for $1 million over video

Published: 2/Oct/2019 21:14 Updated: 2/Oct/2019 21:19

by Virginia Glaze


YouTube star Tana Mongeau turned heads across the net after tying the knot with Team 10 founder Jake Paul in late July – but she may have found herself in hot water over another debacle, entirely.

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Mongeau is no stranger to drama, having dealt with ample controversy in regards to her “TanaCon” event in summer 2018 and the subsequent fallout around it.

Following her wedding with the youngest Paul brother in July 2019, Mongeau is now an MTV starlet with her own show on the platform – but not everything is sunshine and roses for the social media celeb.

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Jake Paul, InstagramTana Mongeau tied the knot with Jake Paul in July 2019 after two months of publicly dating.

Tana uploaded an update video on October 1 discussing her relationship with her husband in wake of their marriage, which opened with a candid discussion on another video she’d planned on making.

According to the YouTuber, she’d intended to upload a storytime video about “some illuminati-a** sh***,” but was prevented from pulling the figurative trigger on the content due to a potential lawsuit from unknown parties.

Tana Mongeau, InstagramTana Mongeau claimed that she nearly saw a $1 million lawsuit over a video.
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“It’s an insane story that I’ve wanted to tell all of my career,” she explained. “…as soon as I’m exporting the video, ready to upload it, Jordan calls me, and he’s like, ‘Tana, …you cannot upload that video. …a team of these people reached out and they just threatened to sue you for like, a million dollar lawsuit.’”


While Mongeau never let slip who had threatened her with the lawsuit, she admitted that their million dollar price point was something that she couldn’t afford at the moment: although a smaller amount may have been doable, in retrospect.

(Timestamp: 0:45 for mobile viewers)

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Mongeau isn’t the only one dealing with a lawsuit, either: in fact, her husband Jake Paul was hit with a lawsuit in 2017, after one of his prank videos allegedly harmed a bystander.

Lucky for him, the bystander in question – Ellis Barbacoff – has since dropped all claims against the YouTuber as of October 2, after Paul argued that he hadn’t intended to cause alleged “sustained shock and injuries” with his “harmless prank.”


BRENDAN TIEGER, YOUTUBEJake Paul was hit with a lawsuit in 2017 that has since been dropped by the plaintiff.
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Thanks to her potential lawsuit, it looks like Mongeau’s dramatic storytime video won’t see the light of day – but she made sure to promise her fanbase more juicy content in the days to come.