Japanese Twitch streamer in tears after dancing mishap with laptop

Michael Gwilliam

Japanese streamer Meowko had an unfortunate accident while dancing during an October 2 Twitch broadcast where she spilled a glass of water all over her Mac laptop. 

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While doing a dance for her viewers, the 23-year-old nonchalantly flaunted her arms and caused a glass of water on a kitchen counter to fall over and spill onto her laptop. 

After letting out a shriek, the panicked dancer rushed away to get some paper towels and frantically tried to get the water off her computer 

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“Oh my God,” Meowko said repeatedly as she wiped the keys. “It’s my first time I spilled water.”

After trying for awhile, but having no such luck with the laptop appearing to be turned off, the streamer asked her stream what she should do. “It’s dripping wet!” she cried while holding the Apple product above her head. 

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With no knowledge on the best course of action, Meowko read her stream’s suggestions which included holding the power button, getting a hairdryer, buying a new laptop or the old rice and microwave trick.

“Put it upside down?” she read. “Like this?” before turning the laptop on its side, trying to find any way to make the machine work again. “Put on rice?” she read, still flabbergasted at the turn of events. 

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Eventually the teary-eyed streamer got close to her camera and repeated “what should I do” yet again. 

“This was my buddy for five years,” she humanized the laptop. “First time I spilled drinks on him.” 

Unfortunately for Meowko, the suggestions just got worse with some suggesting she take out the battery, which would void the warranty on a Mac (and something she didn’t know how to do) and even call the police. 

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“Should I call the police?” she asked, bizarrely appearing to entertain the idea or just rereading her chat.

Finally, the streamer decided to just let the laptop dry for a couple of hours, but not before asking her viewers if she should “go to the hospital”. It’s unclear why she would need to go or if she was trying to be funny. 

The condition of Meowko’s laptop remains unknown, but at least she was able to calm down after a good few minutes of being extremely upset.