Sykkuno reveals the one thing that could tempt him to join an org

. 1 year ago
Twitch: Sykkuno

Popular streamer Sykkuno has so far avoided joining an Esports org, but he’s now shared with viewers the one thing that could tempt him into doing so.

For many streamers, joining one of the hundreds of gaming organizations like 100 Thieves or Fnatic as they become popular is a natural next step in their career.

But for Sykkuno, who currently boasts over 3.6 million followers on Twitch, that’s never happened – and it doesn’t seem like something he’ll be joining one any time soon, either.

Sykkuno and his GTA RP character Yuno
Twitch: Sykkuno/Rockstar Games
Sykkuno has become a staple of the GTA RP scene.

During a Just Chatting stream on July 18, 2021, the popular content creator answered questions from fans, including one who wanted to know whether he would ever join an org in the future.

His answer was true to his laid-back demeanor in streams, as he revealed that he would only consider joining an org that was “relaxed” in its approach to competitions and content.

“Would you ever join an org? I’m gonna be completely honest, guys,” he said. “I have nothing against joining an org. But I would only do it if they were super relaxed.”

While many orgs focus on highly competitive gaming, Sykunno has traditionally stuck to more social and friendly games like GTA RP and Among Us, so it makes sense that he would only join an org that was more chill.

Besides, as many of his followers have pointed out, Sykkuno is already incredibly popular – and will no doubt continue to grow his loyal following whether he’s part of an org or not.

Although Sykkuno has a very supportive fanbase, streaming does have its darker side. He recently opened up about the death threats he received while playing Dungeons & Dragons, explaining that he’ll never play it again.

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