Sydney Sweeney & Maude Apatow blown away by wild Euphoria TikTok memes

an image of sydney sweeney and maude apatow in euphoriaHBO, Instagram: Maude Apatow

Euphoria stars Sydney Sweeney and Maude Apatow are among the show’s cast showing their admiration for wild TikTok memes that are lovingly taking jabs at the HBO show. 

The longevity of a TV show can be an odd thing, as the age of streaming means shows can appear and be forgotten instantly. HBO’s Euphoria continues to enjoy immense success and fans of the teen drama have been showing their praise through hilarious TikTok memes.

Cast members Sydney Sweeney and Maude Apatow have shared their reactions to the growing collection of Euphoria-inspired TikTok jokes.

An image of sydney sweeney and maude apatow in euphoriaHBO
Sydney Sweeney and Maude Apatow play Cassie and Lexi respectively in the hit HBO teen drama.

Euphoria cast speak out about “insane” TikTok memes

During an interview at the Euphoria FYC event, Maude Apatow was the first cast member to comment on the show’s popularity with TikTokers. “I’m on TikTok all the time. It’s crazy to see the reenactments” began Apatow.

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There are plenty of different memes to explore but Apatow says “the Euphoria High ones where people change into risqué outfits similar to the show’s high school students” seem to be her favorite so far.

Apatow’s co-star Sydney Sweeney is aware of the TikTok memes too, saying: “I see them everywhere. It’s insane.”

Many of the TikTok videos involve users parodying the show’s cast members, often re-creating fan-favorite scenes and playfully jesting at the show’s fashion choices.

With Euphoria Season 3 highly anticipated by fans across the world, it’ll only be a matter of time before fresh memes grace TikTok.

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