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Summit1g under fire for political correctness debate over Scarlett Johansson controversy

Published: 14/Jul/2019 23:55 Updated: 15/Jul/2019 0:28

by Eli Becht


Twitch streamer Jaryd ‘Summit1g‘ Lazar upset a lot of fans and fellow streamers on July 14 after ranting about political correctness, a day after actress Scarlett Johansson said she should be able ‘allowed to play any person’ in movies.

Summit had a controversial Sunday afternoon on Twitter as he battled with fans all day about how actors should be able to play any role they want.


The tweets started with an initial tweet revealing he argued with his girlfriend and her friends over the comments uttered by actress Scarlett Johansson. 

Twitch: summit1gSummit went deep into the rabbit hole.

“Just got done arguing with my girlfriend and her friends over this stupid Scarlett shit,” he tweeted. “I’ll never understand the other side of this argument. I’m blown away.”


Several fans and streamers tried their best to explain the other side of the argument, but it’s clear that Summit wasn’t going to have any of it.

Twitch partner AnneMunition tried to explain it by giving an analogy of Twitch looking for someone just like Summit, but they hired her instead.

“Okay so imagine Twitch has a big sponsored thing they’re doing and they need a guy name Jaryd from Colorado who’s about 30 years old, excels at FPS games and looks good in snapback,” she said. “And you’re like, score. that’s literally me. Now imagine Twitch hires me to do it instead.”


Streamer FemSteph piggy-backed on that idea by comparing it to if somebody had to play the role of President Obama.

“Would it be weird if Matt Damon played the role of Obama in a movie,” she asked. “Based off your argument, he’s a great actor and so it shouldn’t be an issue, right?”

Summit responded saying he would be okay with that. “Roles have been (taken) by other races and sex and I’m fine with it.”


TriHex tried to explain to Summit that while Johansson is a top-tier actor and has the right to play anything, it is saddening to him when he sees a genuine opportunity for some to play an LGBTQ role, but it goes to a straight male or female.

Summit countered by saying it should be about the money they bring in above all else, and said that’s all it boils down to.


He ended the discussion on Twitter by saying his agent told him to.

“Agent told me to stfu now,” he said. “I’ll end with this. It’s a fucking movie. GGs good talks.”

This will likely not be the last we hear of the situation so we’ll keep you posted on what develops next.


Hashinshin claims FBI cleared him of sexual harassment allegations

Published: 8/Oct/2020 4:00

by Andrew Amos


Popular League of Legends streamer Robert ‘Hashinshin’ Brotz has claimed the FBI investigated him over allegations he was sexually harassing minors, and cleared him of any wrongdoing. He was permanently banned on Twitch over the claims.

Hashinshin was ostracized from the League of Legends community back in July, after claims the 30-year-old Twitch streamer sexually harassed underage girls by abusing his platform of power.


Other popular content creators, like Joedat ‘Voyboy’ Esfahani, stated that “Hashinshin is a manipular, predator, and worst of all [a] pedophile who used his platform to abuse so many underage girls over the years.”

However, the disgraced streamer has claimed he was investigated by the FBI and cleared of all wrongdoing.


“There has been an FBI investigation into me, and I have neither been jailed or charged with a crime. Some of you might not believe that. I have a freedom of information request [to prove my innocence publicly], but that can take up to a year,” Brotz said in a October 7 statement.

Numerous women came forward stories in July of Hashinshin grooming them while they were underage. However, Hashinshin has always maintained his innocence, claiming these stories were false, and that many of those who came forward have since deleted their statements.

He also stated that he was potentially looking into suing some of the alleged victims for defamation, stating they did a “public assessment of [his] character” that distorted what people thought of him.


“I was going to sue Alli for defamation ⁠— and I probably should have ⁠— but Alli is not a victim, and people started getting these really distorted views on what was happening,” he said, referring to one of the victims.

“Things aren’t as they seem, regardless of what they seem. I’m not a rich and powerful figure. They didn’t find that I did anything. I think a lot of this was a public assessment of my character, and a lot of people did this because they didn’t like me.

“I’ve been working on bettering myself over the last two years, and I think I’ve become a better person overall. It hurts a lot…to see all these people denying that.”


Brotz claimed that while he believed his accusers weren’t “all terrible people,” they betrayed his trust. He also said that while he believes they should apologize, he hopes no one in the community attacks them. He just wants to “go back to living a normal life.”

“I thought these were nice people, I thought I could trust them and work with them. That’s why my response to this was all sh*tty because I shouldn’t really have trusted anyone. I don’t think they’re all terrible people, but things really escalated,” he said.


“I don’t want anyone to attack them. I just want to go back to living a normal life. I just want to exist peacefully, and I hope people can start letting me do that. I hope this can change their minds in some way.”

Hashinshin remains permanently banned on Twitch despite his attempts to clear this name. He has also lost his Twitch partnership, and has instead moved to streaming on YouTube.