Summit1g roasts CouRage and TimTheTatMan in Sea of Thieves return

. 3 years ago
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Jaryd Sea of Thieves, but after being told that he wasn’t all that good at the game by one fan, his response was as savage as they come. 

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The popular Twitch streamer had taken a few months hiatus from the open-world multiplayer title developed by Rare, trying his hand in GTA RPSplitgate: Arena Warfare, and even World of Warcraft in the meantime. 

Now, he’s back and ready to search the seven seas for some more of those elusive Athena chests, as he’s done in the past, but also reveal some of the best strategies for playing the game as well. 

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Summit1g, Twitch
Summit1g also discussed whether or not PVP action or treasure hunting was the best Sea of Thieves method.

However, after being told that no matter how good he is in the player versus player (PVP) aspect of the game, he could always get “stomped” by players that are just better than him, summit1g fired back with a brutal swipe at the skills of other livestreamers. 

“That’s kind of how every video game is. Almost how I played with TimTheTatMan and CouRage, and how bad those guys were,” he said during his July 1 stream. 

The two Twitch streamers, TimTheTatMan and CouRage, had a short stint on Sea of Thieves back in January 2019, playing alongside summit and others as the surged in popularity on the platform for a brief period of time. 

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He continued: “We played and did just fine, got some Athenas [chests], relaxed, got lots of loot, they were all fucking potatoes. I had to carry the shit out of them OK. What are you talking about man?”

Summit1g discusses best Sea of Thieves tactics

This wasn’t the end of the interaction between fan and streamer, though, as the discussion soon moved to whether treasure hunting or PVP tactics work best. 

For those who aren’t aware, summit1g’s Sea of Thieves streams in the past have largely consisted of PVP action, not just for the thrill of stealing other teams’ loot from right under the nose, but the entertainment factor as well. 

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A member of the chat claimed that being a pirate – i.e. taking loot from other players – is currently the most effective way to play the game, suggesting that the game’s developers need to incentivize people to do quests. Yet, it didn’t take long for summit1g to shut down their idea. 

“Uhh ‘if you still gave them a small reward you would keep a part of the community that would want to do the treasure hunting'” he read from the comments. 

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“God dude, we should not be pirates then?” he continued. “Being a pirate is absolutely, not even close, to as profitable as people just going out doing quests.”

How long summit will be playing Sea of Thieves, for now, remains to be seen. Fans of his previous pirating streams will be hoping not only that he sticks around for a while, but yoinks as many chests as he can in the process too. 

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