Summit1g pulls off biggest Sea of Thieves heist yet after a ridiculously intense wait - Dexerto

Summit1g pulls off biggest Sea of Thieves heist yet after a ridiculously intense wait

Published: 22/Jan/2019 13:31 Updated: 23/Jan/2019 13:33

by Ross Deason


Twitch star Jaryd ‘summit1g’ Lazar has once again pulled off an absolutely ridiculous Sea of Thieves heist, stealing three rare Athena chests live on stream from a totally obvious crew.

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Summit has been putting a lot of stream time into the pirate adventure game recently and spends a good amount of that time raiding rival crews and stocking up on their loot – something that has resulted in some very disgruntled opponents!

The 31-year-old has had to fight off stream snipers and a host of critics during his SoT streams but he continues to rule the seas with an iron fist and a level of patience and determination that should probably go down in history.


Sea of Thieves FandomAthena Chests are incredibly rare and difficult to get hold of in Sea of Thieves.
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This point was hammered home on January 21 when the streaming sensation managed to sneak onto an enemy ship and hide for two insanely tense hours, waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike and steal their Athena chests!

“I never thought I’d ever lay my fucking eyes on a Gilded Athena in my LIFE, and it’s here, and I’m tucked and they have no idea,” summit exclaimed after he managed to sneak onto the ship and use his tuck emote to hide from the other crew.

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The wait was a long one for summit and his crew, but the popular streamer still managed to amass around 70,000 viewers while he waited to strike and steal the valuable loot.


When that time came, the opponents didn’t stand a chance and were killed in a short but brutal ambush at the hands of summit and company, all of whom were screaming in excitement as they secured three of the valuable chests.

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Athena chests are some of the most valuable and difficult to obtain items in Sea of Thieves. Crews will spend hours on a voyage trying to obtain just one, so the loss of three will have been devastating for the other crew.

“Lets go dude, went off without a hitch,” summit said after sinking the opponent’s ship and completing the robbery. “The cleanest heist. The fucking cleanest it could be. The perfect execution.”