Summit1g fan accidentally donates thousands of dollars to the popular streamer

by Calum Patterson


Popular streamer Summit1g couldn't believe his eyes as one of his viewers donated over $2,500, only to later discover that it was completely accidental.


Streamers on Twitch, especially the most popular, can make a very good living purely through streaming and entertaining their audience, with ad revenue, subscriptions and donations all contributing.

Watching a stream is completely free, with no obligations, but many viewers choose to support their favorite channels in a manner of ways, traditionally through donations.


There is no upper limit on these donations, and some lucky streamers have received upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations from a single viewer.

However, it is also notoriously common for viewers to later 'chargeback' large donations, essentially retracting their donation - after the streamer has already thanked and praised them in front of other viewers.

Summit1g was initially muted after receiving such a large donation, but moments later took the time to thank the fan for what he said was probably in the top 5 of biggest single donations he had ever received.


A few moments later however, the donator explained that they had initially typed $25, then changed it to $50, but accidentally ended left the 25 too, meaning it sent a total of $2,550.

Thankfully, Summit1g was more than happy to cancel and refund the donation, instantly reversing the transaction.

"That's a fucking scary amount to accidentally donate", Summit said, as he sent the money back to donator, who was no doubt panicking after realizing their error.