Summit1g explains why he won’t be returning to GTA RP full-time

Twitch: Summit1g/Rockstar Games

Popular Twitch streamer Jaryd ‘Summit1G’ Lazar has explained why he won’t be making a permanent return to GTA RP despite the fact he’s still dipping in and out. 

Back in March of 2019, GTA RP returned to popularity on Twitch as many big streamers decided to try their hand at roleplaying. The PC mod for GTA V allows players to take a character from the streets of Los Santos and mold their stories through interactions with other players and, of course, the rules of the server.

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One of the more popular characters that sprung up was summit’s Charles Johnson – also known as Chawa. Though he left the game for a little while, playing Escape From Tarkov amongst other things, he has since returned to have fun on the mean streets of the virtual world. However, he isn’t going to make it a full-time thing.

Summit1g, TwitchSummit1g’s Chawa character had become a mainstay of GTA RP streams.

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During his February 24 stream, the former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player was getting set up to race against some fellow roleplayers when one viewer offered him some advice about potentially causing mayhem in-game.

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The leader of the 1G squad quickly laughed off their suggestion, explaining that GTA RP players are there to “share content” and not ruin it for each other. He also noted that he wasn’t looking to “step on anyone’s toes” because he’s pretty much a “guest” these days. 

“I just can’t do it for eight hours a day right,” summit said. “Stop by for a few hours, have some fun, you know and do your thing on something else. That’s where I’m at in the RP world at least for now. I think it serves as a really good nighttime special for people who have never seen GTA RP.”

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Of course, that’s not exactly music to the ears of his fans that really enjoy the GTA RP content but at least, for now, Summit hasn’t completely sworn off playing the game. 

Some fans might be hoping that he changes his mind and makes the multiplayer mod a more permanent feature, but the racing and gang adventures of Chawa are going to continue for a little while longer.

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