Summit1g explains how he’s benefiting from Dr Disrespect’s Twitch ban

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Jaryd ‘summit1g‘ Lazar has clamied that he has benefited from a viewership boost since Dr Disrespect was banned from Twitch at E3 2019 – and he has called for more Champions Club members to join him on his channel.

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The popular Twitch streamer, who has nearly 4 million followers on the streaming platform, was still on the World of Warcraft grind on June 11, and couldn’t help but notice that a flood of people in the chat were talking about one thing and one thing only – Dr Disrespect being banned. 

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The self-proclaimed ‘face of Twitch’ broadcasted his first ever IRL stream at E3 2019, but after recording inside a men’s bathroom, his channel was quickly suspended.

@Slasher, TwitterDr Disrespect’s first IRL stream didn’t go to plan.
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While many Doc fans might have expected summit1g to question the ban, he was amused by the fact that it resulted in his own views getting a boost.

“I think I’m getting more viewers because Doc got banned, because people want to tell me [about it],” he said during his June 11 livestream. “This is working out for me really well.”

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“Listen guys, if the Champions Club is no longer available, then the only place left is the 1G Squad,” he jokingly continued, “We’ll accept you I guess, for five dollars.”

Summit isn’t the only high-profile streamer to have been asked about Dr Disrespect’s ban since his channel was suspended, with Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins and Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney posting about it on Twitter. 

The former came out in support of the ban, but Tfue wants the Doc to return – tweeting: “Free Dr Disrespect,” along with a photo of him wearing Doc’s attire.

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While Doc’s suspension has been the big talking point on Twitch, we expect him to be back streaming on Twitch soon.

Some fans may stray away and subscribe to other streamers in the meantime, though, and summit1g certainly isn’t going to close the door on any Champions Club members.

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