Student’s birthday party nearly shut down by cops after inviting “everyone on TikTok”

TikToker 21st birthday nearly shut down by cops after inviting everyoneTikTok: omar2on

A university student’s 21st birthday bash almost got shut down by the fuzz after he decided to invite “everyone on TikTok” to celebrate his big day.

It’s Project X in real life… minus the flamethrower, of course.

UK University student Omar Dhadra took inspiration from the outrageous 2012 comedy film and decided to invite all of TikTok to his 21st birthday party.

He extended the invite to his 7,000 followers in a short video clip, detailing the venue’s address and a time for everyone to show up. However, he didn’t expect his invitation to go viral, with the video racking up over 2 million views at the time of writing.

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Comments poured in from local users, with prominent influencer Lauren Alexis even saying, “Interesting…”

Some netizens were wary of how the night would pan out, though, with a few commenting, “This is either gonna be really good or really bad,” and, “Ah mate, you’re gonna regret this.”

Student goes viral for inviting “all of TikTok” to 21st birthday party

Omar laid out further details for his party in a series of other videos, theming it after the Project X movie, complete with glowsticks and over-the-top rave attire.

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Despite some user’s fears, it looks like the party was a total blast — no pun intended. In response to a commenter asking, “How was the party?” Omar posted a clip of an absolutely packed venue, with partygoers dancing to music shoulder to shoulder.

However, this party of a lifetime was almost cut short. Omar ended up having to switch his venue last minute after local law enforcement reportedly caught wind of the ordeal and called up the venue to request that it get shut down.

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This prompted Omar to schedule a different location for his 21st celebration, and it seems that things went off without a hitch.

This isn’t the first time a TikToker’s celebration has attracted the attention of law enforcement; in fact, TikTok star Bryce Hall got some SDSU students suspended after an out-of-control college party got a little too rowdy and even pressed charges against the frat members.

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