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Streamer under fire for driving with no hands during Twitch broadcast

Published: 1/Dec/2019 1:16 Updated: 1/Dec/2019 1:23

by Bill Cooney


Twitch streamer “RipRoyce” came under fire over Thanksgiving week after a clip of her texting while driving with no hands on the wheel started to make the rounds online.

Driving while streaming is allowed on Twitch, but streamers have to stay safe and ensure they don’t become distracted by things like their chat.

Still, the potential to be banned hasn’t stopped some streamers, like Just Chatting streamer RipRoyce, from testing their luck both on the road and with the platform.

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In the clip, the streamer appears to be driving down the street with both hands on her phone, instead of on the steering wheel.


For most of the video, she’s glued to her phone typing away, only looking up a couple of times to make sure she isn’t headed straight into another car.

Luckily for her (and everyone on the road around her), the clip ends with her apparently putting her phone down and focusing on driving – for the time being at least.

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At the time of writing, RipRoyce’s Twitch channel is still online, but VODs of the incident have been deleted.

The Twitch community guidelines, as we said before, actually address the act of streaming while driving. Live streams from within vehicles are indeed allowed – but interacting with Twitch chat or being distracted while doing so is labeled as ‘self-destructive behavior.’


“Any activity that may endanger your life or lead to your physical harm is prohibited,” the guidelines read. “This includes dangerous or distracted driving.”

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A week of Twitch driving fails

RipRoyce wasn’t the only Twitch streamer to make some questionable decisions while driving during the last week, but at least she didn’t come into contact with a pedestrian, like in the case of IRL streamer “daniellippens”.

As he was driving down a narrow street, a bicyclist came into contact with the streamer’s car off-screen – but luckily, no one was injured.

Neither streamer has received disciplinary action from Twitch as far as Dexerto can tell at the time of writing, but both episodes might be good wake-up call for them.