Streamer roasts Twitch revenue split in Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared-style song

dont hug me im scared twitch

A Twitch streamer recently began his broadcast with a sketch inspired by the hit Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared web series and TV show during which they roasted the platform for its revenue splits and more.

It’s no secret that Twitch has been under fire for its controversial revenue splits. Whether it be bits, subscriptions, or gifted subs – Twitch is taking half of what streamers earn via their platform.

Some of Twitch’s top streamers were lucky enough to have a 70/30 split, but that deal recently ended as the platform announced every streamer would now have a 50/50 split. So, for every $5 a viewer spends on a channel subscription, only about $2.50 makes it to the streamer… and that’s before taxes.

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But the sub-split is only the most recent issue streamers have had with Twitch. And in a musical number inspired by the cult classic Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared series, one streamer shows what it’s really like attempting to make a viable career while on a platform like Twitch.

Don’t Sub To Me, I’m Scared

On October 31, streamer UniqueGeese went live on Twitch with a special Halloween broadcast. But instead of being greeted by his face as per usual, viewers were met with the familiar visage of Red Guy from the DHMIS series.

While the big red character ponders how to spend his Computer Day, the Twitch mascot appears in puppet form similar to the other teachers seen throughout the series. And right on cue, the puppet springs into song teaching Red Guy all about Twitch.

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The song asks if the viewer wants to be famous on Twitch like Ninja and Ludwig, and provides the steps needed to “make it big”. This includes streaming for several months with zero viewers, playing specific games that are popular, and appeasing viewers with hot tubs and strip poker.

The teachings begin to ramp up as the mascot sings about monetization on the platform. But Red Guy begins to question the teacher who takes half of everything the streamer makes. When Red Guy gets a Bit, the mascot shouts that he got one as well, to which Red asks, “What did you do to earn it?”

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The sketch also touches on Twitch taking half of each subscription, how streamers are often denied Partner status, and that streaming for several hours a day can cause burnout. All the while, the cute mascot devolves into an aggressive presence lashing out at Red Guy once he suggests a move to YouTube.