Streamer reaches top of Jump King and "gets the girl" after 18 hours, has priceless reaction - Dexerto

Streamer reaches top of Jump King and "gets the girl" after 18 hours, has priceless reaction

Published: 1/Jul/2019 10:10

by Connor Bennett


One Twitch streamer shared their priceless reaction to reaching the end of Jump King, after spending nearly a full day of playing time trying to complete the game. 

Jump King, from Nexile, has taken Twitch by storm in recent weeks, with a number of top streamers putting significant time into the painstakingly difficult game. 

It works in a similar way to the once-popular Getting Over It title, another one that exploded on Twitch, in the sense that you’re finding your way up through difficult jumps and falling down causes a reset in progress. Yet, for one streamer, finally completing the game didn’t matter at all when he realized what his reward was.


NexilePlayers start at the very, very bottom in Jump King before working their way up.

During his June 30 stream, Twitch streamer nilloc06, finally reached the top of the King Jump tower after nearly 30,000 jumps and 3,000 falls. He allowed himself a small moment of celebration, saying: “You see this, 18 and a half hours. You see this shit, 18 and a half boys.”

After one viewer told him to walk up to the female character that was waiting for him at the top, ultimately completing the game, nilloc06 had other ideas. He added: “You know what I’m thinking, 18 and a half hours for this stupid bitch? She waited for us to come up? Hell no.” 

Instead of finishing the game, the streamer immediately jumped off the side of the castle and sat back as he watched his character fall to his demise – seemingly enjoying the fact that all of his hard work was now wasted. 


While some players may have been stunned to see nilloc06 spurn his chance at success, he clearly gave his viewers a hilariously viral moment. They couldn’t believe what he did, after grinding for so long!

Maybe next time he’ll take it that one step further and complete an even harder game like Dark Souls or Sekiro before deciding to call it quits right before the end.