Twitch streamer pours ‘nut milk’ over herself and nobody is sure why - Dexerto

Twitch streamer pours ‘nut milk’ over herself and nobody is sure why

Published: 7/Nov/2019 15:45 Updated: 3/Apr/2020 13:17

by Kamil Malinowski


Twitch streamer TheNicoleT poured almond milk all over herself during a rather strange stream. 

Twitch is a platform dominated by gaming content, however, streamers have been branching out in recent years, delivering all-new in real life [IRL] content that takes form in many different ways.

Some streamers enjoy sharing their day to day life, while others cook, paint, or even sing. However, every now and then some rather unusual content pops up, such as someone pouring milk over themselves for their viewers.

thenicolet - twitch

A streamer known as TheNicoleT did just that on November 7, not long after her usual Just Chatting stream where she talks with her viewers.


The bizarre stream was only a few minutes long, as Nicole fired up her Twitch just to share the very unusual moment. She walked over to her fridge and found some almond milk then poured the majority of it into a massive cup and made her way to the bathroom.

NicoleT stood in the shower while her roommate recorded. With a cup full of milk she said “it’s nut milk guys, no nut November, cheers!” before starting to pour it all over her head.

She immediately winced as the freezing cold milk first touched her head and continued pouring and even started shaking as she complained about it being incredibly cold, while her head and face were covered in milk.


The stream ended shortly after as the streamer said she needed to go clean up, which is very understandable as she had just poured a large amount of milk all over herself.

Her chat seemed rather confused at the event, with numerous people asking what was going on, while others laughed and enjoyed the show. TheNicoleT earlier stated that she was doing this just for fun. Who knows? Maybe she really likes milk.

At the time of writing, we still have absolutely no idea what prompted the stream! Twitch never disappoints.