Streamer mom has perfect response for rude League of Legends troll

Twitter/omgmomplaylol/Riot Games

A mother who loves to stream League of Legends on Twitch didn’t have time for flaming from her teammates.

During a February 9 broadcast, the silver 3 ranked mom was playing as the ranged support character Zyra when one of her teammates started complaining that she was out of position.

“Stop staying behind me,” the angry user demanded, then purposely censored his swear to avoid the message being filtered. “It’s just melee. And you are ranged. P*ssa.”

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Meanwhile, streamer “omgmomplaylol” started laughing at the player’s antics and read the messages aloud to her audience.

“And he calls me a pu**y,” she chuckled as some members of the mom’s team rushed to her defense, asking the troll to chill.

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Hilariously, the streamer had a perfectly mediated response to the rude player. “I will go more aggro,” she said while continuing to laugh, and typed her message out in the chat.

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“Okay, it’s aggro you wanted, so let’s have the aggro dance then, darling,” she added. “No problem at all. We can do it. We can definitely do it.”

The streamer’s chat wondered what the abusive player meant by “p*ssa,” so the mom had to explain what he meant.

“I think he means pu**sy and he was writing it like ‘p*ssa’ because it won’t be accepted,” she giggled.

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Overall, her response provided a a fantastic example of dealing with trolls, and didn’t cause the whole team to fall apart by causing some in-fighting.

Omgmomplaylol first started playing League of Legends back in Season 7. According to her Twitch bio, Zyra is her favorite character, and she “never get bored playing this fantastic champ.”

It would seem like many on Twitch don’t get bored of watching her play, either, as the mom has over 27,000 followers on the platform — not bad, especially considering she had never played a video game before being introduced to League of Legends.

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