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Streamer left red-faced after failing in-store skateboard dare in style

Published: 28/Apr/2020 7:01 Updated: 28/Apr/2020 8:55

by Andrew Amos


Twitch streamer ‘DSKoopa’ loves sharing his hilarious antics from his Seattle-based retro video game store, but one trick he was dared into doing by a viewer ended in near-disaster after he failed to land the right way up.

DSKoopa is passing the time right now by maintaining his retro game store, Pink Gorilla Games, and restoring old machines to their former glory.

However, sometimes someone comes along and challenges him to test his skateboarding prowess. The streamer is so confident in his skills, he has a 50,000 channel points reward for doing tricks or giving out gift subs.

Twitch: DSKoopa
DSKoopa has been keeping his store afloat by inviting viewers in virtually to shop for goods, and entertain them in the process.

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While he professes to have “never not landed a kickflip” before, the unfortunate happened on this one occasion. After three redemptions of the reward in a row, DSKoopa nailed the first kickflip. The second one though, was a different story.

“To ‘KingFrodo3991’ who has challenged me to a ‘kickflip or gift sub’, what a fool,” he said, bracing himself for going back-to-back with the gift deny.

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He was soon eating his own words. While he managed to get off the ground and get the flip, he went a bit too far. As he landed back on the board, he was off balance by a fair margin, which led to him falling off.


While this in itself isn’t anything massive, DSKoopa wasn’t in a particularly open space doing tricks. He was at the desk of his cramped store, with displays and cabinets everywhere.

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He crashed backwards onto a glass cabinet containing retro DS and Gameboy cartridges. While a stray cardboard box helped brace his fall, the shelves in the cabinet fell apart, leaving the cards scattered everywhere.

The streamer didn’t dwell on it though, jumping right into the next challenge ⁠— yet another skateboard trick. “Of course, I’ve never not landed a kickflip, so ⁠—” he said, with a hint of nervous laughter.


He did nail the next one, meaning KingFrodo was just the lucky recipient on the end of DSKoopa’s misfortune. After all, he must have been hit by an asteroid mid-jump just that once.


After the backlog was cleared, DSKoopa checked on the condition of his cabinet. Thankfully nothing broke, although there was a bit of a mess he needed to clean up.

And to those wondering whether the streamer hurt himself after the ungracious fall, he had other things on his mind. “Who do I owe a sub to? I’m okay, don’t worry about me.”