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Streamer is brutally honest about why she wears certain clothing

Published: 16/Dec/2018 13:24

by Calum Patterson


Popular Twitch streamer HelenaLive responded incredibly honestly to viewers calling her out for her choice of clothing.

Female streamers have been the subject of plenty scrutiny on the platform, as Twitch has attempted to clamp down on more ‘revealing’ streamers, with stricter rules.

Rules about appropriate attire are hard to clearly define however, and much is left to interpretation, but clothing should be suitable for a public setting.

Helena, a streamer with almost 300,000 followers, clearly wasn’t happy when certain viewers began questioning what she was wearing on stream.

When one viewer asked if she knew how to wear a hoodie correctly, Helena made it very clear why she wore it a certain way with a sarcastic response.


“I know how to wear it correctly, but I also like guys, and I want guys to look at me” she explains, continuing, “like a hot piece of meat, so I wear it like that.”

When other viewers also began to question her outfit choice, Helena continued to defend and explain herself.

“I am Helena, and I have a really nice rack, and I like to show it off any chance I get. Why would you watch Helena when you can watch Selena, who doesn’t show her tits for example,” as she tells those viewers who have a problem with her clothing to go elsewhere.


Clearly, Helena is fed up of certain viewers, who instead of ignoring her content, choose to comment in her chat.

Although Twitch strictly enforces its content rules, it appears that Helena is not in breach of any, as her channel remains active and growing.