Streamer floored after neighbor rages due to noise complaint

Virginia Glaze
LosPollosTV, Twitch

Streaming can be a noisy job, but for one broadcaster, this fact turned into a full-blown argument with his neighbor after they called security due to his loud gaming session.

Out of all occupations in the online entertainment space, live streaming can be one of the most versatile and explosive, with broadcasters going to insane lengths to entertain their viewers.

With some streamers locking themselves up in cages for a month to even drinking a bottle of wasabi, it comes as little surprise that platforms like Twitch have unintentionally captured some crazy moments — but a February 19 broadcast has taken the proverbial cake.

johnny_now, Twitch
Twitch has been home to some insane broadcasts in the past, such as streamer “Johnny_Now” locking himself in a cage for 30 days.

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Partnered Twitch streamer “LosPollosTV” was in the middle of a video game with his roommate when they heard a loud knock on the door, prompting the duo to investigate their possible visitor.

As it turns out, it was their disgruntled neighbor, who came to vent his grievances about loud noise from the buddies’ broadcasting sessions.

Twitch streamer “LosPollosTV” was interrupted during a broadcast by an angry neighbor.

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The altercation turned into a heated argument between the two parties, with the neighbor clearly claiming that they weren’t able to get any sleep due to the noise.

“‘What the f*ck!’ You’re screaming through the wall,” the neighbor explained. “I’m imitating what you’re doing. That’s how loud it is, guys. …dude, my bedroom is right there! For the past two hours you’ve been screaming, ‘What the f*ck!’”

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This prompted LosPollos to challenge his neighbor to call security, which seemed to end the altercation. The streamer and his roommate then sat down in front of the camera to explain that the man had allegedly even tried to enter their apartment — a daunting situation, considering they described him as “six foot ten.”

“Dude comes over and is yelling in the doorway like he was gonna come in the apartment,” the streamer explained. “…we’ve been here for over a year. I’ve been streaming for how many days? It’s not like this is a new thing, bro!”

Thankfully, the roommates didn’t have to deal with security for the rest of their evening — but the incident goes to show how some residents aren’t too fond of bawdy streamers living in their complexes.