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Streamer gets emotional after failing to raise money for charity

Published: 31/Oct/2019 0:08 Updated: 31/Oct/2019 0:14

by Virginia Glaze


Thanks to platforms like YouTube and Twitch, internet personalities big and small are able to use their popularity for good causes – but sometimes, these campaigns don’t always meet their mark.

While massively popular Twitch streamers like DrLupo have raised millions for charities like St. Jude’s, lesser-known broadcasters might have a tougher time reaching comparatively smaller amounts during their own campaigns.

This happened to Mexican Twitch streamer “Weenel,” who took part in MrBeast’s “TeamTrees” initiative to combat forest declination by planting 20 million trees by January 1, 2020.

MrBeast’s “TeamTrees” initiative began as a challenge from fans – and now, its helping to change the world.

With a goal of $50.00, this meant that Weenel hoped to plant fifty trees through the organization, as a single dollar amounts to one tree.

However, Weenel’s goal was set drastically short, as the streamer only managed to raise one dollar during his broadcast – a fact that made him understandably emotional.

“We only got one dollar… and we’re gonna make a donation for ten dollars,” Weenel began, tears creeping into his voice. “Streaming is something I want to try. It’s not something I want to live off. I wanted to make a donation anyways. So, if somebody watches this somehow, let’s make a better world together.

Despite not meeting his goal, the internet was largely moved by his optimism, with commenters across Reddit’s “live stream fails” page sending encouraging messages toward the streamer.

“That’s it, man!” one user wrote. “You should never feel like any effort towards a goal is too small.”

“I respect this,” another said. “He streamed x amount of hours and tried to raise money, but was not mad about how it turned out, [and] instead was still wholesome. …While you might not raise 10-20k in charity, even raising 1-5k in charity is still an accomplishment and that’s something to be proud about.”

Weenel’s TeamTrees broadcast comes in wake of YouTube star MrBeast’s own jaw-dropping addition to the campaign, managing to plant over 10 million trees with the help of other top YouTubers and even Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

In fact, it was MrBeast who started the entire ordeal, after fans requested that he plant 20 million trees in honor of his 20 million subscriber milestone.

No matter how big or small your audience may be, it’s never too late to “make a better world,” as Weenel claimed – a sentiment that touched the hearts of viewers across the net.


Twitch streamer Jadeyanh terrified after stalker hijacks broadcast

Published: 23/Nov/2020 19:37

by Michael Gwilliam


Twitch star Jadeyanh had a terrifying night after a stalker kept harassing her by ordering food and even calling the police to her house.

The Germany-based streamer has quite an audience on the platform boasting over 200,000 followers. Now, it seems like one of them has begun to harass the Twitch personality.

During a November 23 broadcast, the streamer’s door began to ring prompting her to go answer it. While she didn’t take the camera with her, she soon revealed food she never ordered was delivered.

“Okay, I guess you’re watching,” she began, addressing her stalker directly. “I have a stalker and that person keeps ordering food for me. This is now the third time the person did that. Officially, please stop doing that.”

As it turns out, the individual had previously ordered 25 pizzas and had them delivered to Jadeyanh’s house.

“I’m shaking. I haven’t left my apartment in days because I’m terrified of doing my groceries,” she added. “So please, stop doing that. I feel like I’m in a prison.”

The streamer went on to explain that her neighbor, who is also a follower, sometimes opens up her packages without her consent. Now, she has another follower who is harassing her with food.

As she took a sip of her drink, her doorbell started ringing so she got up to answer it, but couldn’t bring herself to open the door because the light outside wasn’t on.

Eventually, right before Jadeyanh ended the stream, firefighters showed up at her door because someone told them there was a gas leak and then the police were coming.

“I don’t know who the f**k you are, but it’s your number you called them with and we’re going to get your f**king ass, you dumbass!” she exclaimed. “What the f**k is wrong with you? 25 pizzas! Twenty f**king five!”

At this point, Jadeyanh was so distressed she decided to end the stream, but soon after on Twitter revealed that since she did, six more deliveries have come for her.

“I was stalked when I was living with my grandparents. I’m being stalked in my new apartment after only 2 months of living here. I just want to rest. I’m so tired of everything,” she said in a follow-up tweet.

Hopefully, the police can get to the bottom of this so the streamer can finally start to feel safe again and not have her broadcasts ruined by stalkers.