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Streamer discovers “secret dating app” on Twitch

Published: 8/Oct/2019 23:35 Updated: 9/Oct/2019 0:21

by Brad Norton


A streamer has discovered what appears to be a “secret dating app” hidden deep in Twitch‘s categories, and suggested there’s more than just games and Just Chatting stars on the popular broadcasting website.

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While primarily a platform for streamers to engage with their fans and entertain all the while, Twitch is no stranger to helping content creators find that special someone.

A dating service within the platform itself is something that has never been actively discussed or promoted by the Amazon-owned streaming service, yet one individual managed to uncover a secret dating app.

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Twitch streamer ‘GGGyuT’ was one of the first to discover the hidden platform, and demonstrated how to find the hidden dating service for his viewers.

“Twitch has a secret escort dating app,” the streamer stated during his October 8 broadcast. “All you gotta do is search ‘liv u’ and go to past videos.”

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Searching for that term on Twitch will bring up numerous videos that transition through a handful of modeling photos with a robotic voice and electronic music in the background.

“Anastasia seems like a great partner to have,” he joked upon opening one of the videos and hearing the clearly generated voiceover.


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Opening the channel itself highlighted many number of similar videos with different women, all supposedly looking to market themselves for some form of companionship.

“If you don’t like Anastasia you can go ahead and just pick somebody else,” he joked, poking fun at the ridiculousness of his discovery.

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The links at the bottom of each video link off to some highly excplicity imagery so definitely proceed with caution if seeking out these amusing dating videos.

Who knows what else is randomly hidden away in the depths of Twitch, but this unique discovery is certainly interesting enough to raise some eyebrows.