Streamer accuses Twitch of sexism after ban for her clothing

Twitch Logo and streamerTwitch / Instagram: Swebliss

Popular Twitch streamer Swebliss has hit back at the Amazon-owned site after she was banned, suggesting her punishment for her clothing is discriminatory.

Twitch has strict guidelines on what is considered appropriate attire, essentially advising streamers not to wear clothing that would be unsuitable in a public setting.

However, it is an area of the site’s community guidelines swamped in ambiguity, and Swebliss clearly feels her suspension, lasting only 24 hours, is unwarranted in this instance.

Swebliss taking a selfie.Instagram: Swebliss
Swebliss had over 200,000 followers on Twitch at the time of her ban on March 21. Her streams focused on art and fashion.

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Best known for her art and fashion streams, Swebliss, a Swedish Twitch streamer and YouTuber, had over 210,000 followers at the time of her ban, on March 21.

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Shortly after her suspension, Swebliss explained on Twitter: “Someone reported me and Twitch closed the stream one day. This is insane. Twitch being hateful for clothes I’ve been wearing for years!? It’s fashion you closeminded a**holes!”

Continuing, she explained that after six years of art and fashion streams, her clothing had never been an issue, calling the ban “discriminating AF.” Swebliss has since deleted the tweets, explaining that she didn’t want it to seem as though she blamed the specific Twitch staff she had tagged.

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The Swedish streamer accused the decision of being sexist, and suggested other users on the platform do and say much worse without punishment.

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As this is her first ban, Swebliss will be off Twitch for only 24 hours. But, Twitch’s rules mean that further bans will last longer, often a week, then 30 days, then indefinite.

The streamer went on to explain that Twitch had apparently encouraged more non-gaming content for 2020, and that she had ‘lost faith’ in the platform.

After deleting her initial posts, because she didn’t want explicitly blame the staff she had tagged, Swebliss confirmed she had been in touch with Twitch. She says there was no explanation for the ban, and revealed the measures she takes avoid breaking the rules, even taping her clothes to avoid “accidents.”

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Once her 24-hour suspension is up, Swebliss will be free to return to the platform and stream as normal.

But, she also posts on YouTube and Instagram, and so if truly disheartened by Twitch’s decision, may choose to focus on other platforms instead.

Swebliss is just the latest in a string of Twitch partners who make artistic content being handed suspensions. In November 2019, an anime artist lashed out at the platform after her artwork was deemed too be suggestive, sparking criticism against the platform for inconsistency and lack of transparency.

Twitch does not comment on community guidelines violations to respect the privacy of users.

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