Spider-Man breaks up a brawl while Batman records in ridiculous viral TikTok

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Marvel, Insomniac / TikTok: diice_queen_ofkarma

We all know that Spider-Man and Batman hail from different comic universes, but it looks like the two joined forces in a hilarious TikTok that captured the true chaotic spirit of New York’s Times Square.

Street performers are not a new sight for regulars in heavily-trafficked tourist areas across America, and Times Square is no different; but a sudden brawl brought together two cosplayers for a completely unexpected turn of events that took the internet by storm.

A Spider-Man and Batman duo were perusing around Times Square when two bystanders started to scuffle. In a TikTok capturing the whole ordeal, a shirtless man pushing a cart can be seen taking a long metal pole from his belongings before approaching a man in a hoodie.

The two get into a brief physical altercation before being separated by none other than Spider-Man (well, technically, Miles Morales), drawing a laugh from onlookers, one of whom yelled, “Yo, Spider-Man just saved this ****!”

Miles Morales PS5
Marvel / Insomniac
Miles Morales might be a popular comic character, but he just broke up a real-life fight in NYC.

It looks like there’s no bad blood between the hero and the offender, as Morales gave the shirtless man a good-natured embrace before he took off — and that’s when the camera panned to show off another hilarious facet of the situation.

Standing to the side was a Batman cosplayer, who filmed the entire altercation on his phone, appearing completely unbothered by the unfolding scuffle. “You supposed to be in there!” another onlooker yelled, pointing at the filming Bruce Wayne.

Although initially penned on the pages of comic books, this humorous altercation just goes to show how much of an impact superheroes have on the real world… although some of these moments are funnier than others.

The short video has since gone viral on TikTok, raking in over 87,000 likes and over 577,000 views in just five days thanks to the kindness of a cosplayer — and with a little help from the perfect comedic timing of his friend.

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