Sodapoppin slams Twitch over Kaceytron’s indefinite ban

Joe Craven
Instagram: Kaceytron/Twitch: sodapoppin

Twitch veteran Chance ‘Sodapoppin’ Morris has lashed out at streaming platform Twitch over the “indefinite” ban handed to Kacey ‘Kaceytron’ Caviness, following the “insensitive” comments she made while live. 

After founding her channel in 2012, Kaceytron established herself as one of Twitch’s biggest streamers in the ‘Just Chatting’ category. However, some “insensitive” comments made about the ongoing global pandemic saw her banned indefinitely for “hateful conduct”.

Sodapoppin is, like Kaceytron, a veteran of the streaming world. Despite spending the last 8 and a half years on the streaming platform, Morris has now strongly criticized Twitch for the decision to indefinitely ban Kaceytron. 

Kaceytron, Twitter
Kaceytron, Twitter
Kaceytron was banned “indefinitely” on March 17.

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While streaming The Beast Inside on March 26, Morris began to discuss his thoughts on Kaceytron’s indefinite ban, and he didn’t come down on the side of the streaming platform. 

“I’m baffled she’s still banned. Did she ever get told how long the ban was, or is that sh*t still indefinite?” he asked. “Because that’s f**ked up… Indefinite still? That’s horsesh*t.” 

He then compared the situation to an employee getting fired from their job, without being told how long they are actually fired for. For many Twitch creators, including Kaceytron, streaming is their primary source of income.

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“The ban is stupid in itself,” Morris continued. “It shouldn’t have even happened. It’s even dumber that you ban someone and you tell them ‘we’re not sure if it’s permanent, we don’t know,’ so stupid.” 

Morris’s argument is one echoed by many of Kaceytron’s fans. It would be hard for her to move to a new platform given the fact that she already has a well-established channel and audience on Twitch, but the uncertainty over the length of her ban will also make it harder for her to make a decision on her next steps.

Twitch do not comment publicly on bans or breaches of their terms, so it’s unlikely we’ll hear from the platform anytime soon.