Sodapoppin says xQc was “wrong” to ditch QTCinderella’s Shitcamp event

xqc and sodapoppinTwitch: DKane / xQc

Sodapoppin has said xQc was “wrong” to cancel his appearance at ShitCamp on short notice, after controversy was sparked as he said he wasn’t going because Soda himself wasn’t.

Speaking on ‘Hatewatchers‘ – a brand new podcast hosted by streamer DKane – Soda was asked about his own reason for not attending, as well as the drama surrounding xQc’s absence.

For his part, Soda explained that he had told the organizers that he wouldn’t be attending well in advance, citing his requirements to stream certain hours and the release of the new WoW expansion.

Sodapoppin: “it was wrong”

“But, [xQc], just suddenly didn’t go. That was weird. And in my opinion, it was wrong for him to have done that. But also, it is like the 50th time that he’s done it.

So it comes to a point where it’s like, you know what, never expect him to be f**king anywhere he says he’s going to be. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on you, or whatever.”

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xQc was called out by QTCinderella, who leads the organization for Shit Camp each year, and was slammed by Hasan for his impromptu decision not to go too.

“Just feels icky to carelessly sh*t on something someone else worked hard on EVEN IF you had legitimate reasons to bail beyond wanting to do gambling streams,” Hasan said.

xQc has said that the real reason was due to lots of complicated issues in his personal life, including “family drama” and “relationship drama.”

In September, he also revealed that he had split from his girlfriend, fellow Twitch streamer Adept.