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Siri betrays Twitch streamer and FaceTimes his ex-girlfriend

Published: 27/Nov/2019 17:07 Updated: 27/Nov/2019 17:20

by Kamil Malinowski


In a hilariously awkward clip that has only recently surfaced Reddit, Twitch streamer ‘RayInTheCity’ was sabotaged by his phone’s virtual assistant as Siri FaceTimed his ex-girlfriend during a broadcast. 

In-Real-Life [IRL] Twitch streams have become increasingly popular on the platform, with many streamers choosing to show off their real-world encounters over games.

These broadcasts take form in many different ways, with streamers sharing anything from a walk in their town to their favorite hobby. However, sometimes broadcasts can take a wrong turn through no fault of the streamer.

RayInTheCityRayInTheCity is a Twitch IRL streamer.

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This was the case for RayInTheCity, who was streaming one of his evenings when he tried to call one of his viewers, ‘DeezorDee.’ Siri, however, heard Debbie and asked him to confirm, once again he said DeezorDee, but the phone called Debbie anyway.


“No, no, f***! Stop, cancel, cancel!” he screamed as he scrambled for his phone in a panic. He fought with his phone for a while as he attempted to cancel the call, continuously screaming at it to no avail.

Once he finally got it to stop he realized what happened. “Oh my god, she got the call” said Ray, before covering his head with his hands in frustration.

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He then walked away in anger, realizing he had just accidentally called his ex-girlfriend while trying to contact a viewer. While disastrous to him, the situation was no doubt hilarious to his viewers, who had seen the streamer commit an unfortunate fail.

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Unfortunately, it’s unknown what Ray did immediately after, as the clip cuts off and no further footage is available as the clip is at least two months old, even though it has just gained popularity on Reddit.

RayInTheCity is known for his entertaining IRL content and shares just about everything with his viewers. Normally, he isn’t too concerned about what occurs on his stream, but this one may have gotten to him. He’ll undoubtedly be more careful with his phone next time.