Shroud makes unexpected return to Twitch, shares incredible surgery story

One of Twitch’s largest streamers shroud is back on the grind so soon after suffering a major injury thanks to a successful surgery that had an incredible twist.

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The streamer shocked his fanbase when he announced that he was streaming, and when he finally did turn on his feed, he shared quite possibly the coolest surgery story for a streamer.

Early in his April 1 stream, shroud revealed a quick change to his surgery due to one of the doctor’s in the hospital recognizing him. This led his surgeon to perform an unorthodox maneuver which let the former pro player stream while recovering.

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Shroud’s surgery

“One of the doctors before I went into surgery recognized me,” shroud said. “He told my surgeon who I was, and they really quickly Googled a typical posture when you’re playing on keyboard and mouse with your elbow. So my surgeon changed his procedure… so that I wouldn’t be resting on my incision if I play.”

Shroud described the difference between the normal routine compared to the operation he was given, which further explained how he was able to comfortably get back to streaming.

“Instead of giving me a straight incision, he gave me a rounded incision around my elbow,” shroud said. “Instead of going straight down on my elbow through my tricep, he did like a ‘U’… On top of that he moved the metal plate one or two inches higher so I wouldn’t be resting on the metal plate when I play as well.”

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It seems shroud lucky on more than one occasion during his trip to the surgeon, since he also got news that he might not need a third surgery.

Previously the streamer had a problem with his rotator cuff, but upon a second glance his doctor informed him that there was sufficient healing to forgo the procedure.

Instant results, instant plays

Viewers were instantly in cheer and astonishment with how his trip to the hospital worked out. The most surprising part of the whole ordeal has to be that shroud is still pulling off incredible plays so soon after surgery.

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Though his fans and fellow streamers voiced their concerns with him streaming so soon, after a few hours of gaming shroud hasn’t shown much sign of slowing down.

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