Shroud gets distracted by girlfriend during WoW Classic stream, pays the ultimate price

. 3 years ago
Shroud / Blizzard

Michael ‘World of Warcraft Classic release on August 26, after being distracted by his girlfriend while scaling mountains near the Shrine of the Dormant Flame.

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15 years after its first release, genre-defining MMORPG title World of Warcraft has found new life this week with the re-release of WoW Classic. New servers had to be added on the first day, after millions flocked into the nostalgic fantasy world.

Popular streamer shroud was no different. The Canadian joined the hordes of new and returning players exploring Azeroth for the first time, though he maybe should have kept his eyes glued more closely to the perils of the tallest mountain in the wastes.

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Shroud, who elected to play a Horde-aligned shaman for his first character in Classic, was searching for the Orcish holy place the Shrine of the Dormant Flame as part of the Call of Fire questline. The adventure calls on players to travel through a series of particularly high mountains, which are notoriously difficult for new players to traverse.

Enter Hannah ‘Bnans’ Kennedy. Shroud spoke to his girlfriend for a time before handing her the rubbish from his desk. As she took it, he asked her to “spin” so he could get a good look at her before she let him get back to the hefty day-one WoW grind.

World of Warcraft could be barrelling towards a renaissance with the release of Classic.
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“Pretty. Spin. Oooh,” shroud said as Bnans twirled on the spot for him.

Normally, this would be fine for everyone involved, and the popular streamer would get back to his game as his girlfriend left. Only this time, for some reason, shroud decided to walk forwards as he was watching Bnans spin.

Over a million viewers tuned in to Wow Classic’s first day on Twitch, including on shroud’s channel.
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“Looks good, do you like it?” shroud asked as he turned back to his PC, where he saw his character halfway down the mountain. “Oh shit, I’m going to die! Fu…”

Of course, the level 11 shaman couldn’t survive the notoriously high fall from the mountains, and shroud was quick to ask chat for their silence: “I don’t want to talk about it.”

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It’s an embarrassing death, to say the least, and you would be hard-pressed to find a sillier death in the opening day of the Classic servers. 

As the population continues to blossom and Blizzard adds more resources to the rewind-focused release, however, we may soon more new players dying in funny and inventive ways soon enough.

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