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Shroud shocked as racist WoW Classic player shouts slurs on stream

Published: 24/Sep/2019 4:13 Updated: 23/Apr/2020 16:42

by Andrew Amos


Twitch star Michael ‘shroud’ Grzeciek was left shocked by a racist outburst from an intruder in his Discord channel.

After spending most of the weekend playing the Call of Duty Modern Warfare beta, Shroud returned to his regularly scheduled programming of WoW Classic today.

The 25-year-old has had fun with Infinity Ward’s latest release, but has been glued to the Blizzard classic since its release in August. He’s grinding his way to level 60, smashing through all the raids, and having fun reliving years gone by.

While he’s had to deal with some instances of toxicity on his stream in the past, the Twitch star was not ready for the latest user blurting out obscene comments.


Warning: Racism

Twitch: shroud
Shroud has been enjoying WoW Classic, Modern Warfare, and Borderlands 3 on stream recently.

During his September 23 stream, Shroud was busy raiding Onyxia when an unknown user intruded into their Discord call. After getting in, the user started spurting out incredibly racist comments, drowning out the streamer momentarily.

The FPS legend was stunned from the encounter, as he took a step back from the raid to deal with the situation.

Disclaimer: The video below includes racist language. 

“Woah, woah, woah – what the f**k. Okay, we’ve got a rogue in the Discord,” he said. “Guess I’m muting Discord for now.”


People in his raid group immediately called out the comments, with one saying: “Some people are absolutely disgusting human beings.”

Blizzard EntertainmentShroud has been grinding WoW Classic since its release.

There’s not much streamers can do in these situations apart from mute and move on, especially when the instances are out of their control.

“You can’t do anything, it just happens,” Shroud said. “I don’t understand why people do it. They aren’t going to get the streamer in trouble, so why would they even do that? If anyone figures out who you are in the future, you’re f**ked. It’s not worth the risk.”


The raid kicked on though, with the group of 30 taking down Onyxia a few minutes later. It’s not the first time Shroud has had to deal with such behavior on his stream, and it probably won’t be the last, but the former CS:GO pro refused to let it ruin his raid for any longer than necessary.