Shroud reveals awesome custom-made plaque highlighting best Twitch moments

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CS:GO professional player, but stepped away from active competition back in 2017, choosing instead to focus on becoming a full-time streamer instead of competing on stage with Cloud9.

Since then, shroud has become one of the most popular content creators on Twitch, as thousands tune into watch his incredible skills and high-level gameplay across a number of games.

Shroud is a former CS:GO pro, and has seen a ton of success as a streamer on Twitch.
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StreamElements send shroud awesome plaque

After debuting some brand new stream graphics on May 1, shroud revealed that he had received more than just a design overhaul from StreamElements, but also an awesome plaque from the company that highlighted some of his best moments during his Tuesday, May 7 Twitch broadcast.

When asked about who made his new overlay, shroud realized he had forgotten to show his audience the special gift which the company had sent to him, rushing across the room to grab it before showing if the plaque to his audience.

The plaque, which is made of glass, has the streamers logo engraved on the majority of the front plate, with a row of accomplishments on the right hand side, including dates from important moments in his career such as joining Cloud9, becoming a full time streamer, hitting 100 million views and reaching the massive 100,000 subscribers milestone.

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The final accomplishment on the plaque reads “Nerfed shroud on March 11, 2019, a reference to the scooter accident that the streamer got into, damaging his elbow after falling off the vehicle.

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    With shroud just finally reaching new heights in terms of popularity on Twitch in early 2019, it seems likely that he will reach more incredible milestones, so StreamElements may have to invest in a second trophy if the Canadian continues to break records and smash goals like he has done in his career so far.

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