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Shroud goes on insane headshot rampage in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Published: 5/Oct/2019 16:29

by Connor Bennett


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive professional is only behind Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney in terms of followers for active Twitch streamers – seeing as Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins switched to Mixer. 

The Canadian regularly wows fans with insane highlights in battle royales like Apex Legends and PUBG but it appears as if he’s got a brand new playground that could be well suited to his aimbot-like – Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

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Twitch: shroudOnly Tfue has more followers in terms of active streamers than Shroud.

During his October 4 stream, the former CS:GO player had been streaming the brand new release from Ubisoft alongside Dr Disrespect but, to kick things off, he dabbled in some of the missions by himself.


Working his way through a stealth portion of his task, shroud quickly popped an unsuspecting enemy with a headshot before taking out another at long-range with a silenced pistol. Things ramped up after that, though, as he switched to a powerful rifle and quickly dropped an armored foe with two shots.

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Of course, the game started to react by sending more enemies to his positions – but that just allowed shroud to rack up an even bigger killstreak. The popular streamer gunned down two advancing enemies by quickly flicking between them – without seemingly ever moving away from their heads. 


However, things came to an end when he was greeted with a more difficult foe in the form of a fast-paced drone which, only sent more enemies towards him – who finally took the streamer down after another two kills.

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For someone like shroud, Breakpoint is probably the ideal game, as headshots are always instant kills, regardless of the enemy’s level. With this aim, shroud could conceivably take on enemies with a much higher level than him and simply wipe them out by picking off their heads.

The stream wasn’t the first time that the Candian has jumped into the new Ghost Recon release, but with interest growing as more and more streamers try their hand at it, it could cement itself in his rotation of games.