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Shroud explains why Dr Disrespect’s Triple Threat Challenge is “boring”

Published: 21/Aug/2019 14:18 Updated: 21/Aug/2019 14:31

by David Purcell


Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek has hit out at Dr Disrespect‘s wildly popular Triple Threat Challenge on Twitch, suggesting that it’s actually pretty “boring” to watch. 

For those who aren’t aware, the Doc often hosts Triple Threat challenges on his channel, setting himself the task of playing three different battle royale games in the search of a victory in each, for which the world record – he says – is one hour and 55 minutes. 

Bringing together games such as Fortnite Battle Royale, PUBG, Battlefield: Firestorm and many others, the streamer has created some memorable moments for his fans, but shroud isn’t convinced that it’s as entertaining as it sounds. 


Dr Disrespect, YouTubeDr Disrespect has been critical of many battle royale games he streams on Twitch.

The popular Twitch streamer, who is known for his insane aiming abilities, decided to place his aim firmly on one of the Two-Time’s most popular stream styles during an August 20 broadcast. 

“Shroud called Doc’s Triple Threat boring,” he read from his comments, before explaining his opinion. “Wow, I can’t speak. Yeah I did say that. Why did I say that? Because those games are fucking boring ok.”

While at first glance this may sound like shroud once again popping shots at Dr Disrespect, though, he doesn’t blame his fellow streamer in any way. 

He added: “The reason why he had that Triple Threat Challenge up in the first place is to kind of spice up the fucking games because they’re so boring, you know what I mean. If the games were good and they were fun, the Triple Threat wouldn’t exist. It wouldn’t have to.”


Whether the Doc will take this personally or not remains to be seen, but he has had his fair share of criticisms about the games he’s been streaming for quite some time – issuing a desperate plea for developers to create something different in the near future.