The cutest couples in TV and movies

Jakob Barnes
Fonny and Tish in If Beale Street Could TalkAnnapurna Pictures

Love is in the air right now with Valentine’s Day upon us. So, in the spirit of all things romantic, I’ve compiled a list of the cutest couples in TV and movies, and let me tell you, it truly broke my heart to leave some of my favorites out here.

Sure, action movies are fun, and sci-fi can be mind-blowing, but is there anything better than getting cozy and indulging in cheesy romance movies? The answer is no, and the reason is simple: romantic storylines are universally appealing.

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If you’re madly in love, it’s nice to see your own happiness reflected in others on screen. If you’re all alone and desperately want to find love, romantic movies can offer hope. And, if you absolutely despise the idea of affection, you can just hate-watch all those sickly, cute couples and be thankful you’re not them.

At the heart of any good romantic narrative is a great couple, of course. These are the 10 cutest couples in TV and movies, but I can’t promise a happy ending for all of them.

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Cam and Mitch in Modern Family

Mitch and Cam from Modern Family20th Century Fox

The contrast between Cam’s carefree flamboyance and Mitch’s high-maintenance, more pragmatic approach to life gives the pair a wonderful dynamic. Also, the way they help each other through the good times and the bad is just beautiful. Not only are Cam and Mitch hilarious together, but they are such pure, lovely people that it’s hard not to want the best for them.

Shrek and Fiona in Shrek

Shrek and Fiona in ShrekDreamWorks

Let’s be honest. There are too many movies where really good-looking people hook up and live happily ever after. Thankfully, in 2000, Shrek came along and changed all that. Ogres deserve to find happiness, too, and Shrek and Fiona perfectly exemplify the notion that love is in the eye of the beholder. What’s more, the pair absolutely kick-ass, proving you can be cute AND cool at the same time.

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Fonny and Tish in If Beale Street Could Talk

Fonny and Tish in If Beale Street Could TalkAnnapurna Pictures

The debate as to whether sex scenes in movies are necessary or not was actually rendered totally unnecessary way back in 2018, thanks to Barry Jenkins’ sublime handling of Tish and Fonny’s first sexual encounter in If Beale Street Could Talk.

The two lovers were already adorable right from the moment they met, but their bond is taken to new heights with one of the most tender, meaningful, and moving sex scenes you’re likely to see. It’s a special moment for the pair, and from there on out, they are irreversibly intertwined, for better or worse.

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Jesse and Celine in the Before Trilogy

Celine and Jesse in Before SunriseColumbia Pictures

One of my favorite tropes in romantic movies is the idea of a sliding doors moment leading to a fateful meeting between two young lovers. Before Sunrise absolutely nails this concept, bringing together Jesse and Celine and allowing them to share a life-changing night in Vienna.

From the playful exchange of flirting glances in the listening booth, to soul-stirring poetry readings by the Danube river, Jesse and Celine well and truly lived the dream that night. Though they may lose touch thereafter, Before Sunset comes along and heals all our anguish by reuniting the pair – who knew missing a flight could be so glorious?

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Guy and Genevieve in The Umbrellas of Cherbourg

Guy and Genevieve in The Umbrellas of Cherbourg20th Century Fox

Long before La La Land gave us Seb and Mia’s heartbreaking parting of the ways, Jacques Demy delivered quite possibly the most stunning yet painful movie of all time with this French classic. The Umbrellas of Cherbourg may look pretty, but it will rip your heart out, which is actually a rather good cautionary tale for those venturing into the world of dating when you think about it.

Guy and Genevieve may seem like the perfect couple, destined to be together forever. Though they lose each other from time to time due to war, family, or the small matter of being married to someone else, they always find each other again. However, what appears to be a happy ending is quickly pulled from under us when the pair reunite and realize they aren’t meant to be and part ways forevermore.

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Rip and Beth in Yellowstone

Beth and Rip in YellowstoneParamount

Yellowstone’s ranchers may be better known for their violent tendencies, and truth be told, none are more prone to punching first and asking questions later than Rip Wheeler. However, when it comes to Beth Dutton, Rip becomes an absolute sweetheart, hopelessly devoted to making his cowboy queen feel like the most special person in all the land.

There’s something so endearing about watching this big bear of a man let all of his anger melt away. Admittedly, that’s largely because Beth is angry enough for both of them, but these Yellowstone characters are incredibly cute together, nonetheless.

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Han Solo and Princess Leia in Star Wars

Han Solo and Princess Leia in Star WarsLucasFilm

If you’re able to look past the fact that Leia actually kissed her brother before she kissed Han, then the love story between the Alderaan princess and the scruffy-looking nerf herder is actually really sweet. What can be more romantic than flying around in a cool spaceship together, fighting side by side to bring peace to the galaxy?

Noah and Allie in The Notebook

Noah and Allie in The NotebookNew Line Cinema

There’s just something about a couple who have to fight to hold on to their relationship that makes it all the cuter, isn’t there? Love isn’t supposed to be easy, after all. So, the story of a lowly lumber mill worker and a young heiress is the perfect setup for a fairytale full of challenges and charm.

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Noah and Allie are made for one another, and not even the latter’s disapproving parents can keep them apart for too long. What makes their relationship even more touching is the fact the story is recounted by an elderly Noah who hopes to remind Allie, who now has dementia, of the happy life they shared.

Jim and Pam in The Office

Jim and Pam in The OfficeNBC

Were it not for a bit of a slump in the latter stages of the show – aside from a delightfully romantic conclusion in the finale – Jim and Pam would probably be at the top of this list. The will-they-won’t-they dynamic between the pair in the first couple of seasons is so hard not to get invested in, and the payoff is wonderfully sweet.

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There are very few complexities for this couple and their appeal, really. To put it simply, Jim and Pam are just exceptionally nice people, and they make each other so happy, and sometimes that’s all you need.

Chandler and Monica in Friends

Chandler and Monica in FriendsWarner Bros.

Forget Ross and Rachel; the undisputed king and queen of Friends has to be Chandler and Monica. From the moment they first hooked up in London (IN LONDON!?), it was clear this was going to be something special.

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Whether it be hilariously trying to hide their relationship in the early stages or the more tender, emotional moments as they try to start a family, Chandler and Monica are adorable, entertaining, and refreshingly authentic. Truly, the most iconic couple of all time.

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