Shane Dawson has hilarious interaction with Dr. Phil ahead of new series

by Virginia Glaze


Popular YouTuber Shane Dawson has had his fair share of celebrity interactions - but one of his more notable star-studded run-ins took a hilarious turn.


Dawson retweeted a post from American psychologist and television show host Dr. Phil on March 6, which included a photo of the celeb wearing a plain T-shirt (instead of his iconic suit and tie combo) with the simple caption, “T-shirt time.”

“It’s like looking into my future,” Dawson jokingly said of the post, adding a heart-eyed emoji to further add to the humor.


The YouTuber’s Tweet didn’t go unnoticed; Dr. Phil himself came across the post shortly thereafter and gave a light-hearted reply, writing, “Looks like a bright future to me!”

While Dawson didn’t give a direct response to Dr. Phil’s follow-up, he made sure to retweet it, giving the post a spot on his timeline for posterity.


This interaction comes ahead of Dawson’s upcoming documentary series, which is centered around celebrity makeup guru Jeffree Star.

Although no concrete details have been given as to the series’ contents, Dawson admitted that it will have two seasons split between summer and fall - and is being filmed over a grueling seven month period.

Jeffree Star, YouTube
Jeffree Star, YouTube
Shane Dawson's previous series covering makeup mogul Jeffree Star earned over 110 million collective views.


In the meantime, Dawson is focusing on other projects, which will include “people and subjects” that his fans are sure to find “interesting.”

Dawson’s latest series covered multiple conspiracy theories, such as Walt Disney’s cryogenically frozen body and even Chuck E. Cheese reusing pizza slices - which the restaurant vehemently denied after the documentary caused a stir online.