Shane Dawson reveals new details on latest show involving Jeffree Star

by Virginia Glaze


Popular YouTuber Shane Dawson is already filming his next documentary series - and it involves celebrity makeup guru Jeffree Star, once again.


Dawson dropped more details on his upcoming series in a Tweet on March 7, where he admitted that the documentary will have two seasons filmed over the course of seven months, possibly split between summer and fall.

While Dawson isn’t concrete on the release dates for the show, he claimed to be filming other series in between his current project.


Attached to the Tweet were two photos of Star and Dawson at what looks to be a reveal event for the Morphe x Jeffree Star collection, (where Dawson was admittedly a bit shaken up by the crowd).

The YouTubers revealed their upcoming series in December of 2018, after Star tweeted about the development following their first series in August of that same year.



With Dawson and Star’s original series garnering over a whopping 110 million views, it stands to reason that the two would come together again for another project - although the premise of this documentary remains a mystery.

Shane’s latest series delved into the world of conspiracy theories, with discussions on Walt Disney’s cryogenically frozen body and even Chuck E. Cheese reusing pizza slices, which the restaurant vehemently denied.

Jeffree Star, YouTube
Jeffree Star, YouTube
Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star are collabing once more, following their first series in August of 2018.


However, it looks like Dawson may be returning to the world of celebrity YouTubers, following his massively successful series covering Jake Paul and his allegedly “sociopathic” personality traits.