Scump reveals he and his fiancée were attacked by man with butcher’s knife

Seth 'Scump' Abner hosting his first watch party since retiring from the

Streamer Scump revealed that he, his fiancée Isabelle, and two of their friends had been taunted by a homeless man with a knife in Seattle as they were getting ready to go to dinner.

The Halo World Championship 2023 took place in Seattle recently, where 16 teams competed for the win and a $1,000,000 prize pool that will be split amongst the qualified teams.

Scump decided to livestream him watching the championship along with other streamers, including Shottzy. In the middle of the stream, Scump revealed that he hadn’t had the best time in Seattle as he and his fiancée Isabelle had a scary encounter with a homeless man the night prior.

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Scump told the story of how he and Isabelle had been taking engagement photos around Seattle when their evening suddenly took a dramatic turn.

He said: “So we ended up finishing, we ended up going to dinner, we had a driver driving us around. Iz was changing in the backseat of the Uber for dinner. I went into the restaurant because we were about 15 minutes late for our reservation.

“I went up to the hostess stand to get our table, get our reservation, and make sure we don’t lose our table, right?

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“So, a homeless guy was walking down the street and he has a knife like this long in his hand,” he said, holding up his hands to show the size. “Like a butcher’s knife.”

Man taunts Scump and his friends with a butcher’s knife

Scump continued: “He walks up to the car that Iz is in, JP and Shaul are outside of the car. He walks up to the car that Iz is in, starts circling it, stabs the front right tire, so he slices the tire. Comes up to the window and f**king smashes the window with his knife.

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“Keep in mind, JP and Shaul are like – to start this, by the way, he threw a f**king pill bottle at JP and Shaul, so this guy was just tweaking. So he slashes the window, he keeps walking. I thought he was gonna come in the front door of the restaurant. And then I’m like…”

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“If he went in there, I would have f**king oh my – what would you have done if he went in there?” Shottzy asked.

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“I don’t know. It was crazy,” Scump replied before continuing his story.

Scump in Twitch streamTwitch: Scump
Scump revealed he’d been taunted by a “homeless man with a knife”

“So he just looked f**king crazy. So then he walks past the front door. The front door is like, whenever you walk past the front door, it’s literally like, I’m at the hostess stand and it’s right there. So if he walked past the front door, he was like right there with me. He comes up to our window and points at us, points at me, and the hostess, and the other guy with the knife.”

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“Did he say anything?” Shottzy asked.

“I mean, he was just like pointing at us through the window,” Scump said.

“What were you thinking?” Shotzzy asked.

“I was like ‘What the…’ I was freaking, I was like ‘what the f**k is going on?'” Scump said. “It was honestly horrifying. I thought he was gonna come in, Iz thought he was gonna open the car door.

“It was sketchy as f**k.”

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