Rich Campbell tricks Twitch fan into believing he’s shroud in IRL stream prank

Shay Robson

A random Twitch fan was convinced that Rich Campbell was in fact FPS god Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek in what was a hilarious yet awkward encounter during Andy Milonakis’ IRL stream.

With reportedly over 140 million unique monthly visitors to the Amazon-owned streaming platform, it’s not exactly uncommon to encounter other avid Twitch viewers in public.

This is especially true during IRL streams, where many fans recognize the distinctive backpacks and cameras that capture arguably some of Twitch’s most bizarre and sometimes scariest content. One recent example being a streamer threatened at gunpoint while live on broadcast.

During their April 7 stream, one so-called fan was led to believe that OTK co-owner Rich Campbell was actually another of the platform’s creators, shroud, despite the two not even looking or sounding remotely similar.


In Andy Milonakis’ April 7 IRL stream in Florence, Italy, Rich Campbell jokingly claimed that he was the former Counter-Strike legend Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek as an Italian fan walked by.

Surprisingly, the passerby actually believed that he was shroud, which sparked up an entertaining conversation. “Nice to meet you, my name is shroud,” said Rich. “Yep, I’m shroud, it’s nice to meet you!”

The fan couldn’t believe it and gave Campbell a hug. “You’re shroud? The Valorant player?” he exclaimed. “Man, it’s a pleasure to meet you. It’s a f**king pleasure!” Rich continued to run with the joke: “Yeah it’s nice to meet you, it’s a pleasure.”

Additionally, Andy Milonakis even tried to claim he was xQc during the conversation, however, the Twitch viewer didn’t take much notice. Though it wouldn’t be completely out of question to spot the juicer or a look-alike in public.

In fact, IRL streamer ‘Arab’ went viral in March as he came across a random man who looks the spit of the streaming superstar xQc during St Patrick’s Day celebrations in Ireland.