xQc reclaims Twitch crown in March as Asmongold, Fextralife drop off

Asmongold on xQc Twitch ban OlympicsTwitch: xQc, Asmongold

After a month away from the top, xQc has slipped back into prime position as the most-watched streamer on Twitch for March 2022. It comes after stars like Asmongold and guides channel Fextralife declined slightly following the launch week hype of Elden Ring.

Reclaiming, losing, and summarily reclaiming the top spot on Twitch seems like a never ending carousel for xQc. Though the streamer has dabbled in his fair share of controversial moments, nothing keeps him down for long.

Even Fextralife harnessing Elden Ring’s astronomical popularity couldn’t keep the French-Canadian titan out of the top spot for more than a month as he boasted 18 million hours watched for March, according to Sullygnome.

Despite claiming the top spot, xQc did suffer a decrease of 11.8% in comparison to February.

Twitch: xQcOW
Back on top: xQc cruised comfortably back on top for March in continued dominance of the livestreaming game.

Brazilian Twitch star Gaules climbed back up to second as his viewership also climbed by 9.6%.

One of the big stories from March’s data was Maximum increasing his view time by 860% from last month, with the WoW streamer rocketing into the top 10 for the first time in his content career thanks to the Race to World First.

He even closed in on long time WoW staple Asmongold, who was viewed 49.9% less in March then he was in February.

Gaules speaking to cameraGaules
Brazilian streamer Gaules has been climbing back up the Twitch rankings.

Continuing the trend of streamers coming out of nowhere to shake things up at the top, the launch of Echo_Esports saw the Filipino team absolutely fly out of the gates with a stellar first time, and landing in the top 5.

With the channel only being formed on March 8, the team cracked the top 5 without a full month of potential viewing time.

With hundreds of millions of hours between the streamers, they found plenty of common ground with the games played, in a gaming roundup dominated by Just Chatting, League of Legends and Elden Ring.

You can find the full top 10 list of Twitch games for March 2022, based on hours of watch time, below.

Most watched Twitch streamers in March 2022

  1.  xQcOW – 18,077,641
  2. Gaules – 14,689,108
  3.  ESL_CSGO – 10,593,835
  4.  Trainwreckstv – 9,949,855
  5. Echo_Esports – 9,651,722
  6.  ibai – 9,620,679
  7.  Asmongold – 9,543,455
  8. Maximum – 8,640,975
  9.  HasanAbi – 8,262,344
  10.  Fextralife – 7,959,126