RiceGum reacts to getting banned on Twitch after controversial stream

RiceGum Instagram / Twitch

Popular YouTuber Bryan ‘RiceGum’ Quang Le was surprised after getting banned from Twitch following a controversial stream.

The successful YouTuber was making a strong comeback on Twitch with Fortnite and Just Chatting streams before the platform issued his channel its first ban in 2020 on April 8.

Although the precise reason for his ban is unclear, RiceGum recently streamed along with two women who agreed to kiss if the channel reached 21,000 viewers. A shot of a woman’s backside was briefly shown later on, but was quickly taken down by the streamer.

RiceGum YouTube
Although a popular YouTube, RiceGum has a shaky history on Twitch.

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In fact, immediately after he saw that the woman’s stream changed from the front camera showing her face to the back camera showing her friend’s image, RiceGum scrambled to take it off from his feed.

“What? Wait, what?” RiceGum said in confusion. “Is that allowed [on Twitch]? Yo, stream, I apologize.”

The ban came swiftly after clips of that moment started spreading around YouTube and fail-threads that highlighted the sudden gaffe during his broadcast.

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He was startled that the image appeared on his livestream, but encouraged his viewers to go to her Instagram Live to watch along with him instead.

After the incident, RiceGum didn’t think much of the mishap, saying: “No, they were wearing pants, guys. They were those short-shorts. Ain’t no ban, bro. What are you talking about?”

RiceGum was handed the ban less than a month after restarting his streams on Twitch in mid-March.

RiceGum Twitch
RiceGum was startled after the incident on his Twitch stream.

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This isn’t the first time the streamer has been in hot water with Twitch. In 2014, he briefly showed an application that looks to have been a view-botting program during one of his broadcasts.

In 2018, he was banned for an unknown reason linked to either mentioning Ice_Poseidon in conversation or brandishing a BB gun on stream.

As with any suspension that Twitch hand out, no one knows how long RiceGum will be barred from streaming on the platform.