PRISM Project reveal Gen 5 talents, first VTuber debuts in 18 months

PRISM Project Gen 5 talents Lana Shikami, Ami Amami, and Kon TsubamePRISM Project

PRISM Project has revealed their first VTuber debuts in 18 months, debuting three new talents as part of Generation 5 – Ami Amami, Kou Tsubame, and Lana Shikami. It’s the first signing since the agency joined forces with Sony Music Entertainment Japan in 2022.

PRISM Project has been a rising force in VTubing over the past couple of years, with talents like Miyoshino Shiki taking center stage in the wider space.

However, they’ve been slow to grow in the grander scheme of things. Compared to agencies debuting talents every other month, it’s been 18 months since a new PRISM Project VTuber has been revealed.

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That changed on April 21 though, with the Japan-based English-speaking agency revealing three new VTubers to debut by the end of the month: Ami Amami, Kou Tsubame, and Lana Shikami.

The three new talents bring something different to the table ⁠— both stylistically and skillswise. Ami Amami has a penchant for singing (while looking adorably cute), while android Kou Tsubame is the gamer of the bunch. Lana Shikami is “charming and quirky sun goddess” with a divine voice specializing in ASMR and voice acting.

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PRISM Project Gen 5 has been a long time coming. The VTuber agency, now a part of Sony Music Entertainment Japan, hasn’t debuted any new talents since November 2021. They joined forces with the Japanese mega agency nearly a year ago back in May 2022.

This is something PRISM Project producer ‘Shogun’ is excited for, as it gives the VTuber agency more chances to leverage opportunities within Sony.

“At PRISM Project, we intend to utilize all the resources of the worldwide Sony Music Group to provide both online and offline career opportunities to our talents,” he said in a press release.

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“Within the virtual talent space, there are countless incredibly gifted performers who have both the skills and the drive necessary to succeed both in the classic sense as VTubers, but also in traditionally offline business spaces such as the voice acting and musical artist industries. 

“With the addition of Ami Amami, Kou Tsubame, and Lana Shikami, PRISM Project is honored to accept three incredible performers who have shown an above-and-beyond motivation and ambition.”

The agency remarked more than 3,000 talents applied during the audition process, with the three debutants showing “promise” to be more than just VTubers.

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Ami Amami, Kou Tsubame, and Lana Shikami will debut in a rally starting April 28 at 7PM PT / 10PM ET, hosted live on their respective YouTube channels.

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