Poundland brawl goes viral as security guard tackles shoplifter

Twitter viral poundland video

A video of an alleged shoplifter being tackled to the ground has gone viral on Twitter. Viewers were left in shock as security guards dragged the man out of the store. The video has been mocked by users, saying the guards gave “a new meaning to Poundland.”

Supermarket scraps tend to go viral often, whether it’s a “brawl” over toilet paper or a man acting up in a Spiderman costume.

This time, shoppers gathered round to witness a man being apprehended in Sheffield, UK. One particular bystander shot a video of the scene, in which the man seemingly stole countless tubes of Jaffa Cakes. As a result, eyewitnesses encouraged the security guards to “dash him out.”

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Twitter account News For All posted the video on August 26. At the time of writing, the clip has amassed over 800k views.

The man appeared to be shoplifting snacks

While the video begins with the man already on the floor, the fight was surrounded by stray biscuit boxes. He then attempted to reach for the boxes before being dragged out of the exit.

The security guard told the culprit to “get the f**k out,” while the cameraperson followed. The alleged shoplifter called the security guard a “b****rd” before attempting to hit him.

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He was then wrestled back to the ground as eyewitnesses cheered.

Twitter users poked fun at the situation

One user said the trio were fighting over “the ultimate question: is a Jaffa Cake a cake or a biscuit?” Another said there was “a lot to unpack here,” while someone replied, “a lot to re-shelve here.”

Others expressed their concerns for the man in question. “(The security guard) threw him to the floor… for no reason other than to look like the big man,” one Tweeted. “Welcome to Britain,” said another. “Where people have to steal to eat and people on minimum wage battle to stop them.”

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There hasn’t yet been any update on what caused the fight, or whether the man attempted to get back in again. Thankfully, no security guards were harmed in the making of that video!

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