Natalie Mariduena speechless as her car is accidentally wrecked in David Dobrik vlog

. 10 months ago
Natalie Mariduena reacts to car getting damages
YouTube: David Dobrik

Natalie Mariduena of the Vlog Squad was shocked after the group surprised her by repainting her vintage car, only for it to fall off a tow truck and get damaged.

Since David Dobrik returned to regular posting in June after his hiatus following the Vlog Squad controversy, the YouTuber and his popular group of creators have been back to the antics that earn them millions of views on the site.

David and the group are known for surprising fans and often each other with expensive gifts, but their latest good deed didn’t quite go to plan.

In a vlog uploaded on August 26, David revealed that Jason had decided to surprise Natalie by repainting her vintage, car, but went on to explain that the “problem is we used Jonah’s friend for delivery.”

As Jason is busy explaining what exactly they got done to the car, David suddenly starts shouting “oh no,” and the camera pans around just in time to see the car roll off the back end of the truck.

Topic starts at 0:33

It hits the ground with a loud crash, and bits can even be seen flying off it. Natalie’s jaw dropped after seeing the damage to the car, and after a period of stunned silence said, “that’s not real. That didn’t just actually happen.”

It’s not clear whether or not this was a genuine accident or a prank on Natalie, with some saying they felt the bit was “staged.”

In the comments, Jonah claimed the car fell because his friend forgot to lock the tires down, leading some to think the accident was real.

Jonah comments on David Dobrik's video

Although Natalie looked shocked to see her car roll off the truck, she was able to laugh at the end of all of it at the group’s failed efforts.

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