Pokimane reacts to “weird” streamers who speculate about her love life

Pokimane streamingTwitch: Pokimane

Popular Twitch streamer Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys has commented on “weird” content creators who apparently make bold speculations about her love life to their viewers.

Pokimane is among the most popular streamers on Twitch, the number one female streamer, having ammassed a huge audience of over 4 million followers on her channel.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, many viewers are often curious about her relationship status, however, she has explained that she is not keen to reveal aspects of her private life.

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Pokimane shut down streamers speculating about her private life.

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The Twitch star has previously expressed concerns around those who make their relationship public, expressing that she would not like to go through breakups similar to other ‘internet couples.’

Her silence on the subject has led to speculation from viewers and even some of her fellow streamers, such as Riley, who she poked fun at in her March 21 broadcast.

After being sent a clip of Riley suggesting that Pokimane had been “probably been dating someone for the last 6 years,” the Twitch star fired back.

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“Do you know how weird it is for me to imagine that random people are just talking about sh*t like this,” Pokimane said.

“Also, if I’ve been dating someone for 6 years we better be married by now, what the hell?” she jokingly added, expressing that she would not be able to keep a marriage secret.

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When viewers asked her to confront her fellow streamer, Pokimane responded that it was not worth it. “There is nothing to confront – it’s just weird, you know you run out of content when you’re tryna steal my simps,” Pokimane joked, before bursting into laughter.

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Although Anys was being lighthearted in her response, it’s likely she has noticed other streamers also commenting on matters in her private life, and is clearly not a fan of all the speculation.

Despite streaming almost daily to her massive audience, it’s important for Pokimane, and all popular streamers, to maintain a level of privacy.