Pokimane lashes out at criticism of her success on Twitch

Published: 5/Apr/2019 19:06 Updated: 5/Apr/2019 19:09

by Virginia Glaze


Popular Twitch streamer Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys is no stranger to criticism – but one mean-spirited YouTube video set her on edge.

Pokimane was in the midst of a ‘Just Chatting’ broadcast on April 3 when a concerned fan sent a video link in their donation message, calling the video’s content “ridiculous” and asking the streamer if any of it were true.

Anys clicked the link out of curiosity, which lead to a video that poked fun at the streamer by fabricating stories about her childhood in Morocco – and even accused her of sleeping her way up to the top.

Pokimane’s critique of mean-spirited criticism

Pokimane wasn’t too pleased with the video, arguing that its creator was merely being rude under the pretense of comedy.

“I can’t say I enjoyed that video, if I’m being honest,” Pokimane admitted.  “The beginning intro and some of the edits were really good, but then the rest of it is just like being mean and trying to cover it up under the premise of it like, being comedic or a joke – but none of it is really a joke.”

While the streamer went on to claim that she would gladly joke about herself, she couldn’t find the humor in the video.

“Honestly, I’m more than happy to laugh at myself, but if someone is legit like, ‘You fuck all these dudes and you lead them on,’ I’m like, where’s the joke?” she continued.

Pokimane, TwitterPokimane has been hit with a slew of criticism throughout her Twitch career, with some even accusing the streamer of abusing YouTube’s copyright system.

Pokimane’s previous scandals

This wouldn’t be the first time Pokimane has publicly responded to criticism; in fact, the streamer was accused of abusing YouTube’s copy striking system in January, after she claimed the video of a smaller YouTuber who’d uploaded a Twitter argument between Anys and Drama Alert’s Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem.

While Pokimane admitted that copy striking the video had only escalated her beef with KEEMSTAR, she likewise argued that she would still strike videos with “gross or misleading titles,” as well as those that use her content in a “non-transformative manner.”

Although many fans were sympathetic to Pokimane’s response, others were not as impressed, noting that she frequently reacts to YouTube videos during her streams in what they view as a “non-transformative” content.


Trisha Paytas quits “toxic” social media after apologizing to James Charles & D’Amelios

Published: 9/Jan/2021 23:27

by Theo Salaun


No stranger to drama, influencer Trisha Paytas has apologized to James Charles, Charli and Dixie D’Amelio before claims that she will delete her social media profiles due to toxicity.

Nearly 700,000 followers on Twitter, 3.9 million on TikTok and nearly 200,000 on her backup Instagram (her original was deleted), Trisha Paytas boasts an enormous social footprint on the internet. But, following another string of drama with some of the world’s biggest influencers, she is planning to disable it all.

Absolute, unrelenting candor has become a staple of the Paytas presence. From David Dobrik and Ethan ‘h3h3’ Klein to, more recently, James Charles and the D’Amelio sisters, Paytas is more familiar with web beef than a podcast advertisement for Omaha Steaks. Within months of the latest drama, though, the outspoken influencer is toning it down and stepping back.

In a video posted to her TikTok account on January 8, Paytas let fans (and haters) know that, due to toxicity, she would be closing off her presence on social media. Simultaneously, she made a brief apology to Charles and the D’Amelio sisters.

Front camera on, makeup off and set in a dark room, Paytas breaks her traditional, eclectic, TikTok grid with the brief video explaining her need to leave social media. To start the video, she quickly updated fans on her plans moving forward: “I’m leaving the app, for real. I’m leaving social media. It’s a really toxic place and I wish you all well.”

Then, she added on a succinct apology to the massive influencers who have been involved in her recent beef: “I want to apologize to Charli, Dixie and James.”

Trailing off with an “um” after the apology, Paytas cuts the video off and provides no further elaboration. Instead, the next day she posted two videos following her traditional content, one about new sunglasses and one about grilled cheese. And, finally, she posted a final video explaining her plans.

While Paytas has yet to delete any of her social media profiles, she confirms on TikTok that it remains her intention. Instead, she promises fans that they’ll still have some limited access to her content: “You can find me on YouTube, I’m going to be focusing on me, my family and my fiance.” 

Charles and the D’Amelio sisters haven’t responded to the apology while fans are reluctant to believe the accounts will be deleted. Regardless, Paytas leaves her viewers with a simple message: “For those of you showed me love, thank you. For those of you who showed me hate, you win.”