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Pokimane hysterical over hilarious Ninja edit of her Twitch re-signing

Published: 20/Mar/2020 18:34

by Virginia Glaze


Imane “Pokimane” Anys is one of Twitch’s top streaming stars, re-signing with the platform in early March after speculation she would jump to another site — but one fan’s creative edit of her announcement video left her in stitches.

Pokimane announced her re-signing to Twitch with a humorous video via Twitter, which showed her speaking with a classic “movie announcer” voice actor, reiterating that there would be no massive change to her career and asking him to get out of her streaming room.

While she followed up this clip with a longer explanation of her decision, her creative way of announcing the signage quickly went viral — and one YouTuber decided to mix up the trailer in a hilarious way.


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The YouTuber, famous memer Dolan Dark, combined Anys’s re-signing video with a popular clip from Tyler “Ninja” Belvins’ Mixer stream, in which he notably argued against the mentality that esports is “just a game” and compared online competition to that of real sports.

Dark’s video mashup made it seem like the Fortnite star was ranting about the situation from outside of Pokimane’s door, with “confused” the Twitch star confused as to who was fussing up a storm.


Needless to say, Anys found the edit hilarious, and broke out into laughter while watching the clip during her own stream. Her laughter was further exacerbated by the final moment from Dark’s video, which combined EA Sports’ classic catchphrase with Ninja’s rant, combining it into a fusion of: “EA Sports — it’s just a game.”


(Timestamp: 0:22 for mobile readers)

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While Pokimane is known for reacting to fan-made content during her broadcasts, this edit took the figurative cake of meme-worthy edits, which comes as little surprise, considering its hugely popular creator.

The streamer’s decision to remain on Twitch came at a significant cost to her pocketbook, as well, as she revealed she accepted “less money” to continue streaming on the platform rather than taking bigger offers to switch websites.

Citing latency and the importance of maintaining genuine interactions with her fanbase, it looks like Pokimane is there to stay — inspiring a hilarious video, in the process.